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Dupaco 75th year anniversary
About Dupaco
Help us celebrate 75 years!

Dupaco’s mission continues by helping its members build lives worth loving and creating a brighter community for all. This year is no different…check out our evolution!

Creating brand Dupaco

Dupaco continues to grow, evolve and serve its members and communities while keeping true to its brand identity and philosophy rooted in “people helping people.”

What is a brand? A brand exists in the hearts and minds of people based on every interaction they have with an organization. Through our people, processes, technology, products and services, we want to help others improve their well-being, give them hope and confidence, reduce their stress, and strive to give them a feeling of being in love with their life as a result. That’s the Dupaco brand.

Learn the why behind our intentional brand identity by diving deeper into Dupaco’s logo evolution and meaning, mission, vision, values and iconic color bar.

From local roots to worldwide reach

Dupaco has a long-standing history in the geographic community of Dubuque, where our relationships and brand run deep. However, the Dupaco “community” has evolved to include members in all 50 states, D.C. and 24 countries, who all share in the ownership and cooperate to improve each other’s financial well-being.

Dupaco-logo-evolution 1
Dupaco-logo-evolution 2
Dupaco-logo-evolution 3
Dupaco-logo-evolution 4
Dupaco-logo-evolution 5
More than just a logo

Dupaco’s logo elements are essential and intentional. They visually illustrate our mission, vision and cooperative values.

Discover the meaning behind each logo element below.

Golden Circle

Golden Circle

The arc is part of a circle, which represents community.

The warm tone captures the glow of the credit union philosophy of “people helping people.”



The credit union’s passion and energy is reflected in the burst, illustrated by the negative space in front of the circle.

The burst has no boundaries signifying the ongoing positive impact radiating from the credit union into the lives of our members and communities.

The five points of the burst represent Dupaco’s five core offerings (save, borrow, invest, insure, trust).

Circle Section

Circle Section

The white bursts split the arc into four sections, which symbolize the inputs necessary for a successful cooperative:

Member participation, sound governance (board, management, staff), vibrant communities (economic, social, environmental), and reinvestment to sustain the mission.

Our mission and vision go back to our roots

What is Dupaco's overall objective, purpose and goal?

The answer is our mission:
Help members build a life worth loving.

What happens if Dupaco successfully executes its mission?

The answer is our vision:
Brighter community for all.

Our cooperative values are our moral compass
Advocate for All

Advocate for All

We support a culture that creates a sense of belonging and allows anyone to be their authentic self. We’ll accept others fully. We’ll embrace diversity, promote equality and create inclusion. We’ll use our voice for ourselves and others. We’ll be genuine, transparent and real as we care for others.

Invest in You

Invest in You

We Know.Show.Grow. by continuously improving. We’ll take initiative and add value. We’ll work smarter, not harder. We’ll be innovative and accept change. And we’ll stretch ourselves out of our comfort zones. We’ll pay it forward and commit to our communities.

Rooted In Trust

Rooted in Trust

Do the right thing. We’ll be fair, honest and consistent. And we’ll hold ourselves accountable. We’ll maintain confidentiality. We’ll empower ourselves and others. And we’ll work with smart and heart.

Dupaco Community Credit Union
Empathetic Understanding

Empathetic Understanding

We seek to be the bright spot in any interaction by listening and seeking to understand so we can help make a situation better. We’ll meet you where you are—we won’t judge. We’ll extend grace and respect as we consider your viewpoint. And we’ll find agreeable solutions.

Strengthening Relationships

Strengthening Relationships

We create connections and plant seeds to build a future for mutually beneficial relationships. We’ll communicate effectively, receiving and giving constructive feedback. We’ll achieve cooperative results. We’ll strive to exceed expectations.

Dupaco’s vibrant community

Our color bar reinforces Dupaco’s brand values. The vibrant display of colors illustrates membership is open to people from all walks of life and all stages of life. It represents a voice of inclusion for all people yearning to participate in a cooperative that can improve their economic and social position. We embrace the meaning of this symbol throughout our brand.

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