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Financial Wellness for Employees
Your employees want to feel at home with their money—and we can help.

Day shift? Night shift? No problem. We provide free on-site, online and on-demand support whenever and wherever your employees need it. Watch below to learn more about how the program benefits your employees’ financial well-being—no matter their schedule or stage of life.

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Empowering your employees' financial well-being

Enhance employee engagement  |  Reduce turnover  |  Increase productivity  Improve financial well-being

Dupaco’s Employee Financial Wellness program offers comprehensive financial education and credit union benefits to both you and your employees—on-site, online or on-demand. And the best part? You and your employees don’t have to be a Dupaco member to enjoy the benefits. We’re on a mission to empower you and your employees with the tools and resources to build a life worth loving—no matter where you bank.

Our program is designed to empower you and your team with the financial knowledge and tools to feel confident and prepared when making important financial decisions. From budgeting and debt management to retirement planning and investment advice—we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Whether you’re looking to attract and retain top talent or simply want to invest in the financial success of your team, our Financial Wellness program can help.

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Are your employees distracted by finances? Stressed with debt? Worried about retirement?

It’s a cycle many people experience—and it may be distracting from their work. Thankfully, there are ways to break the cycle and get ahead. With Dupaco’s Financial Wellness program, your employees will have access to…

  • Free financial education on various topics—including budgeting, building savings, retirement planning and more!
  • Receive up to $50* when opening a Dupaco Share Saving, 1st Rate Checking or Free Checking account.
  • Access to Dupaco’s full range of financial products and services.
  • Access to 5,000+ branches and thousands of ATMs across the country.
  • A dedicated Dupaco Financial coach to work with on an ongoing basis.
  • Exclusive member benefits including Thank Use and cash back offers for moving qualified loans to Dupaco.
The best perk? They’ll feel better prepared for whatever life brings. Because when you know better, you do better.

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Open a Dupaco savings account and Dupaco will deposit $25 in your savings account within 3-5 days to cover membership requirements. Members will be issued a 1099 INT form for the reward and are responsible for any and all applicable taxes. For Savings Account rates and information, click here. This offer is subject to change at any time.

Open a checking account and Dupaco will deposit $25 in your checking account on the first Monday after you set up Net Check direct deposit, turn on eStatements, and make at least one MoneyCard transaction. Not valid for existing Dupaco checking account holders. If the checking account is closed within 6 months, total amount of reward received will be forfeited from the account prior to closure. Member will be issued a 1099 INT form for the reward and is responsible for any and all applicable taxes. For Checking Account rates and information, click here. This offer is subject to change at any time.

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Real people, real experiences

“Dupaco has given us an opportunity to offer our employees a unique benefit that can bring short-and long-term positive effects to their finances… ”

-Innovative AG Services (Waterloo, Iowa)

“Our experience working with Dupaco has been nothing but exceptional! We look forward to working with Dupaco for many years to come… ”

-Express Employment (Waterloo, Iowa)

The impacts of financial stress can run deep

Financially-stressed employees are three times as likely to feel a big negative impact from money worries.

-2022 PWC Employee Financial Wellness Survey

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Invest in your team's financial wellness

Drop us your information below to learn how Dupaco’s Financial Wellness program can help your employees discover ways to cut costs and free up money to save for a brighter future.

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