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Strengthen your employee benefits package at no cost to your business — enroll in the Dupaco’s Money Matters financial education program! Through our Community Outreach & Education program, Dupaco staff provides free, on-site financial education and credit union benefits to you and your employees.

Enhance your employee benefits package at no cost

Money Matters is an easy, cost-free way to enhance your employee benefits package. We’ll schedule a visit to your operation that fits your needs, even during a third shift. And you can boost it even further with the addition of these money-saving and user-friendly payroll services that will streamline your operations while helping your employees develop good money-management habits:

Have recurring payments deposited to your account automatically
Direct deposit.

Payroll deduction1 routes a portion of your employees’ paychecks directly to their Dupaco account(s) each pay period.

Net check2 routes your employees’ entire paychecks directly into their Dupaco account(s).

Get started

Request more information about Dupaco’s Money Matters financial education program by completing the form below!

1 Payroll deduction allows your employees the option to route a set portion of their paycheck directly to Dupaco Community Credit Union each pay period. Once the deduction reaches the credit union, we then credit the deposit into one or multiple accounts as specifically designated by the employee. Deposits can be made to savings and checking accounts, IRAs, loans, even spousal and children’s accounts!
2 Net check offers the ultimate in convenience by allowing your employees to have their entire paycheck deposited directly into Dupaco. As with payroll deduction, once the paycheck reaches the credit union, it can be deposited into multiple accounts as dictated by the employee.

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