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Every year, millions of people have their identities stolen. When criminals get their hands on somebody’s personal information, they can use it to commit fraud, open new accounts or even take money from their victim’s existing accounts. That can turn into a nightmare for the victim and negatively impact their credit score if the issue isn’t addressed quickly — and that’s why we offer free identity protection tips and tools to all members.

The good news is that there are steps you can take to protect yourself, your accounts and your credit. While Dupaco takes proactive measures to help deter and detect fraud on member accounts, it’s essential that you take some precautions too.

Keep An Eye On Things

Monitoring your financial accounts and credit report helps you protect yourself from fraud. If there’s suspicious account activity, you’re the first to know.

Dupaco has several tools to keep your accounts—and your identity—safe, including

Get real-time text or email notifications for ATM transactions, Shine Online and Mobile Banking sign-ins and more.

Access your credit report and credit score for free any time. Watch for incorrect personal information, inquiries from lenders you don’t recognize and new accounts you didn’t open.

Quickly disable your lost or stolen Dupaco cards in Shine.

Two-Step Verification is an extra security feature that helps prevent fraudsters from accessing your account(s) — even if they manage to get your password.

The special coverage helps you and your family recover from identity theft. The coverage provides up to $25,000 in expense reimbursement assistance and help restoring your identity with credit bureaus, the Social Security Administration and more. If you notice suspicious account activity or believe you are the victim of fraud or identity theft, contact Dupaco immediately at 800-373-7600.

Let Us Help You

Identity theft can really hurt people — we don’t want to see it happen to you! That’s why we help you protect yourself and your credit. Make sure you take advantage of everything we have to offer.

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