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Unfortunately, we don't have any current openings for Dupaco MoneyMatch accounts right now. However, you can still submit an application for eligibility review and placement on our waitlist. Thanks!

Dupaco’s MoneyMatch is a special savings account and educational program designed for lower-income individuals and families. It helps participants achieve financial stability and save for wealth-building assets by matching their savings contributions dollar-for-dollar, up to $2000*.

The ideal MoneyMatch candidate:

  • Wants to attain homeownership, but lacks enough savings or other financial items.
  • Wants to find new career opportunities through post-secondary education and/or training.
  • Wants to start a small business and is ready with a business plan.
  • Needs to purchase a vehicle to expand his or her job prospects.
  • Is committed to the receiving the financial education necessary to create a savings and asset ownership plan.

Could you be eligible for a MoneyMatch?

Click below to see if you’re eligible to participate in one of our MoneyMatch categories:

Additional guidelines:

  • Household income is 300% or less than the applicable Federal Poverty Level at the time of application. Household income includes all individuals living in the household, including dependents.
  • Applicant must have earned income.
  • Participant household may have no more than $10,000 in net asset wealth upon enrollment (not counting one home or one automobile).
  • Applicant must meet the age requirement (refer to asset guidelines above for age requirements).
  • Applicant must be, or be able to become, a member of Dupaco.
  • Applicant must meet the qualifications for loan approval at the time of asset purchase and receive any applicable asset financing through the credit union.

MoneyMatch Success Stories

Interested in Dupaco’s MoneyMatch?

Download and print the application and participation agreement by clicking Apply.


Have questions? Need assistance?

Contact Michelle Becwar, Partnership Development Supervisor, at 800-373-7600 or

* MoneyMatch and other individual and family empowerment programs are made possible by the Dupaco R. W. Hoefer Foundation.

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