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Want to enjoy the holidays without a lot of debt? Planning to take a vacation? Getting ready to make a big purchase like a car or house? If you have a special goal, Dupaco can help you reach it! We offer customizable savings accounts and helpful tools specially designed to help you be successful when saving for goals.

Pro Tip: Pay Yourself First

When saving for goals, it can be hard to remember to set money–especially when there are so many more immediate things to spend it on. That’s where we come in! Dupaco can help you make saving automatic with a few simple tools. That way, you can pay yourself first without even having to think about it.

  • Send a portion of your paycheck directly to your savings accounts with Direct Deposit.
  • Set up automatic transfers between your checking account and savings accounts.
  • Find more room in your budget for saving with a free Money Makeover.

Tools for Reaching Your Savings Goals

Step one: Open a Dupaco Share Savings account. Once you have one, you’ll have immediate access to special features designed to help you meet whatever savings goals you’d like to achieve:

Savings Goal

Savings Goal is a special feature located in Shine Online & Mobile Banking. It is designed to help you save for future purchases, projects, expenses and more. Simply enter your goal amount and the date by which you’d like to reach your goal — Savings Goal will calculate a customized plan for reaching it.

  • $5 minimum opening deposit (per goal)
  • Create as many Savings Goals as you want
  • Custom account for each goal
  • Add or withdraw funds at any time
  • Earns the same dividends as your primary savings account

You-Name-It Savings Accounts

Easily create separate savings accounts for anything — expenses, projects, purchases…you name it! Open as many You-Name-It Savings accounts as you’d like. It’s just a simple three step process and $5 minimum opening deposit for each one.

  • $5 minimum opening deposit (per account)
  • Give each account a custom name
  • Open as many You Name It accounts as you want
  • Add or withdraw funds at any time
  • Earns the same dividends as your primary savings account

Save for the Holidays

Be merrier next holiday season with a Holiday Club Account! Instead of relying on credit cards for your holiday gift or travel purchases, start saving now. Receiving your funds in time for holiday spending is a gift you can give yourself.

  • $25 minimum opening deposit
  • Earn dividends on balances over $100
  • Add funds at any time
  • Balance automatically transfers to your checking account Oct. 31
  • Early withdrawal penalty results in account closure

Current Rates

Account TypeBalance TierDividend RateAnnual Percentage Yield (APY)1Min. to OpenMin. to Earn
Regular Savings$25,000+0.30%0.30%$25$25,000
Regular Savings$10,000 - $24,999.990.20%0.20%$25$10,000
Regular Savings$2,500 - $9,999.990.15%0.15%$25$2,500
Regular Savings$100 - $2,499.990.10%0.10%$25$100
Regular Savingsless than $100n/an/a$25n/a
Holiday Club Savingsn/a0.30%0.30%$25$100
Rates are effective as of 10/01/2020 and are subject to change without notice.

1Savings Rates: Dividends and annual percentage yields (APY) accurate as of the last dividend declaration date. The interest rate and annual percentage yield may change after account opening. Fees could reduce earnings on the account.

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