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Buying a car or motorcycle should be exciting, not stressful. Make the most of your experience by borrowing from Dupaco. Our auto loan application process is easy. Our personalized service is unmatched. And because we’re a local, not-for-profit financial cooperative, we’re able to offer you some of the area’s most competitive rates. Have an existing auto loan with another financial? You could reduce your term and lower your rate by refinancing it through Dupaco!

Get Vehicle Buying Tips

Buy New or Used

We make it easy to finance or refinance any type of vehicle! We’ll help you determine what you can afford and reduce the stress of negotiating with auto loan pre-approval and/or financing through one of our trusted dealer partners.

In addition to offering some of the area’s best auto loan rates, we offer rate rewards for low loan-to-value purchases. If your loan is less than 75% of the value of the vehicle or motorcycle you’re purchasing, we’ll knock another 0.15% off your loan rate! (Not applicable to boat and RV loans.)

For more information or to receive assistance with your loan application, give our Consumer Loans department a call at 800-373-7600 or stop into your nearest branch!

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Refinance a Vehicle

Ever wish you had more gas money and less of a loan payment? We can help! Refinancing your current vehicle loan with Dupaco may help you lower your interest rate or your monthly payments. That means you can have more breathing room in your budget each month or even pay off your loan faster!

  • Exclusive rate discounts just for Dupaco members
  • Flexible repayment terms that your current lender simply can’t match

Get the personalized service and guidance you deserve by contacting our Consumer Loans department at 800-373-7600 or stopping into your nearest branch!

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Loan ProgramTermAnnual Percentage Rate (As Low As) 1Cooperative Giveback Rate (As Low As) 2
Auto loan payment example for illustrative purposes only: If you borrow $10,000 at 4.19% annual percentage rate (APR) with a 60 month term, your minimum monthly payment obligation would be $185.02. Over the life of the loan you will pay $1,101.43 interest.
1 Auto Loan Rates: Loan annual percentage rates (APR) based on member credit qualification and total loan amount. Rates are subject to change without notice. Mini-Max Loans: Add 1% to conventional rates.
2 Cooperative Loan Discount Rates: To qualify for Cooperative Loan Giveback discounts, you must have the following account relationships with Dupaco Community Credit Union:
Savings, Checking, Automatic Payment: .05% discount;
Savings, Checking, $1,500 or more in a savings or loan account, direct deposit, automatic payment: .10% discount;
Savings, Checking, $1,500 or more in a savings or loan account, direct deposit, automatic payment, Dupaco VISA card, and any one of the following: Certificate, IRA, Home Equity Line of Credit, or other loan: .15% discount.
2017-20 Model Year24 Months3.74% APR3.59% APR
2017-20 Model Year36 Months3.74% APR3.59% APR
2017-20 Model Year48 Months3.74% APR3.59% APR
2017-20 Model Year60 Months3.74% APR3.59% APR
2017-20 Model Year72 Months3.99% APR3.84% APR
2017-20 Model Year84 Months4.49% APR4.34% APR
2015-16 Model Year24 Months3.94% APR3.79% APR
2015-16 Model Year36 Months3.94% APR3.79% APR
2015-16 Model Year48 Months3.94% APR3.79% APR
2015-16 Model Year60 Months4.19% APR4.04% APR
2015-16 Model Year72 Months4.44% APR4.29% APR
2013-14 Model Year24 Months5.44% APR5.29% APR
2013-14 Model Year36 Months5.44% APR5.29% APR
2013-14 Model Year48 Months5.44% APR5.29% APR
2010-12 Model Year24 Months6.29% APR6.14% APR
2010-12 Model Year36 Months6.29% APR6.14% APR

Shop Smarter with Loan Pre-Approval

A little preparation goes a long way. Our simple pre-approval process helps you understand how much you can afford, making it easier for you to find a vehicle that fits your exact needs and budget.

Think about what type of vehicle you want.

Fill out a pre-approval application (hint: it takes 10 minutes or less).

Discuss your budget & financing options with our lenders.

Getting Pre-Approved Is Easy!

You don’t need to have a specific vehicle in mind to fill out the pre-approval application, just an idea of what you’re looking for. Once we receive your application, one of our lenders will contact you to discuss your budget and financing options.

Get started below or via the Applications section in Shine Online & Mobile Banking.

Get Pre-Approved

Get Dupaco Financing at a Dealership

If you’re buying a new vehicle, you can get Dupaco financing right at the dealership* whether you are already a member or are eligible to become a member. Our on-site financing gives you all the benefits of a Dupaco auto loan right when and where you need it.

Find a Dupaco Dealer Partner Near You:

Dupaco Offers a Lease-like Option, Too.

Want a newer car, but a smaller payment? Ask us about Mini-Max, the lease-like loan that makes getting a better set of wheels more affordable. Mini-Max is available for both new and used vehicles. Its flexible terms include:

  • No or low down payment
  • Low monthly payments (up to 40% less than conventional auto loans)
  • Mileage plans for various driving habits

Plus, Mini-Max gives you several options at the end of the loan’s term:

  • Keep the vehicle by paying or refinancing the remaining balance
  • Sell the vehicle to pay off the balance
  • Return the vehicle and walk away from further obligation (subject to vehicle condition & mileage)

Does Mini-Max sound like the right option for you?

Get Started


* Approval subject to credit qualification. Response times may vary. In some instances, members may be asked to contact the credit union before a decision is made on their application.

** Subject to credit qualification and member eligibility

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