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Wire Transfers
Send money anywhere in the world

A wire transfer might be the right choice when you need to quickly send secured funds—domestically or internationally—in large dollar amounts. It’s ideal for last-minute vendor payments, large transfers or purchases. And in most cases, the funds are received the same day with no holds!

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How to move your money with wire transfers

To make an outgoing wire transfer, you’ll need to provide the following information:

  • Receiving bank name, address, ABA number and any special wiring instructions
  • Beneficiary name, address and account number
  • Dollar amount of wire transfer
  • For foreign wire transfers, you’ll need a physical address for the financial institution, sender and beneficiary
  • For wire transfers made by phone, a Personal Identification Number (PIN) is required

To receive an incoming wire transfer, you will need to provide your payer the following information:

  • Dupaco’s routing/ABA number (273974581)
  • The member name, address, and account number where the funds will be deposited
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Wire transfers for business

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Personal wire transfers

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