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Credit & Credit Scores
Be the boss of your credit score

Nobody likes being treated like a number. But there’s one number that lenders and other creditors judge you on: Your credit score. The higher your score, the better. Learn what makes up your score, how to build solid credit and how to keep tabs on your credit along the way.

Monitor your credit score

Regularly monitor and review your credit history to make sure it’s accurate.

Learn how to monitor your credit score

Build credit with a credit card

Opening a credit card—and using it correctly—is one of the best credit-building tools available!

Learn how to build credit

Stay ahead of credit myths

We’ve rounded up four common credit score myths and explained why they’re false.

Read more about staying ahead of credit myths

Consolidate debt

Debt consolidation can help you pay off loan balances, free up cash flow and positively impact your credit.

Read more about Consolidate debt

Start a budget

Create a budget that helps you prioritize your spending, build your savings and keep your credit on track.

Start my budget

Monitor your spending

Turn on eNotifiers to get real-time email and/or text alerts for balances, account activity and more.

Learn how to monitor your spending

Pay bills on time

Automate your bill payments and enjoy the confidence of knowing your bills will be paid on time, every time.

Read more about paying bills on time

Get a credit coach

Ready to establish or build your credit? Learn how our Credit Coach loan can help you boost your score.

Learn more about Credit Coach Program

Watch & learn

Still have questions about credit? Sit back and watch these smart credit-building tips that won’t put you to sleep.

Learn more about Credit

Credit History Lesson

A free Credit History Lesson with Dupaco will teach you how to improve and maintain your credit score, consolidate debt and pay less.

Get started

Credit Learning Center

Know your score
It’s important to know and understand your credit score so when it comes time for you to borrow money, you may qualify for the lowest possible interest rate.

Download the worksheet

Credit Card Pay Off
See how much you should pay each month to eliminate your credit card balance.

Debt Consolidation
See what you could save by consolidating your debt into one single monthly payment.

Savings Budget
Figure out how much you can put away in savings based on your monthly income and spending.

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