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Access your accounts anytime, anywhere. Dupaco’s FREE Shine Online & Mobile Banking gives you simple, convenient, and secure options for viewing transactions, transferring funds, paying bills and much more!

Online vs. Mobile

It’s easy to manage your accounts anytime, anywhere with Shine!

When you’re on the go, Shine Mobile Banking helps you save money with coupons and retail offers. You can also check your account balance quickly, deposit checks right from your phone and more.

Any time you want to take a more in-depth look at your finances, you can use Shine Online Banking for spending analysis and budget tools, alerts, eStatements, free credit score access and more.

No matter how you choose to use Shine, it’s free!

Special Features of Dupaco Shine Online & Mobile

Stay up-to-the-minute on your finances — securely and conveniently — from your desktop or mobile device. Choose email and/or text alerts for balances and account activity, new statements and communications, upcoming payments and more. Utilize our standard alerts or create your own! See how it works. 

Shine includes multiple features for protecting your accounts (and yourself) from fraud:

  • Card Security enables you to quickly disable your Dupaco debit and/or credit card in the event that it’s lost, stolen or compromised.
  • Use Travel Notice to let Dupaco know you’re away from home. Doing so will prevent fraud protection services from blocking use of your Dupaco debit and/or credit card.
  • Two-Step Verification is an extra security feature that helps prevent fraudsters from accessing your account(s) — even if they manage to get your password.

Simplified, mobile-optimized loan and credit applications enable you to easily enter information and apply for financing quickly — anytime, anywhere.

ChangeUp Savings enables you to have your “loose change” from debited transactions automatically deposited into your savings account. This feature can be easily activated or deactivated anytime via your Shine checking account detail page.

Perfect for regularly setting aside money for savings or paying-down your loan and credit card balances. Just specify how much and how often — Shine will do the rest.

Securely and conveniently deposit checks* using the Shine Mobile app on your phone or device. Endorse the check, snap a photo of it and submit. This is a free service for Dupaco members and there’s no limit on the number of checks you can deposit. Learn more now! 

*Checks exceeding $2,500 are subject to review by Dupaco staff

Great for monitoring your accounts on the fly. Quick Balance is a special feature of Shine Mobile. Enable it once and you’ll have quick, view-only access to your account balances without having to log into the app each time.

Why deal with envelopes and stamps? Pay bills quickly and easily from your desktop or device using Picture Pay. On mobile, simply take a picture of the bill and quickly initiate payment. On desktop, just enter the details and submit. Either way, Dupaco will send the payment on your behalf. See how it works! 

Getting Started

If you’re a first time user, you’ll need to register (it’s quick and easy). There are three options for registering for Shine:

  1. Via Desktop: Click on the Register link under the Online Banking login box, then complete the necessary fields as you’re prompted.
  2. Via mobile browser: Visit, and tap the Online Banking button. Scroll down the menu, select Register, and then complete the necessary fields as you’re prompted.
  3. Via Dupaco’s app: First you’ll need to download Dupaco’s Shine Mobile Banking app. Open the app, then click the Register button and complete the necessary fields as you’re prompted.To get the app, click or scan the QR code that’s appropriate for your device.

For Apple Devices

Dupaco's App for Apple Devices QR code

For Android Devices

Dupaco's App for Android Devices QR code

Once you have completed your registration, you’ll be able to access Shine Online and Mobile Banking from our homepage or your mobile device here.

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