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Have you ever tried to purchase something or make a payment, only to find that there wasn’t enough money in your checking account to cover the transaction? That’s called an overdraft. When finances are tight or you’ve made a mistake, the last thing you want is the inconvenience and embarrassment of having a transaction refused, not to mention the extra cost of expensive merchant fees.

Here’s how we help our members out with overdraft protection when their checking accounts fall a little short.

Overdraft Protection

Be your own backup. Link any of your Dupaco Savings, Checking or Money Market account(s) to your Dupaco Checking account. That way, if your checking account is ever in danger of becoming overdrawn, the money will automatically transfer from your linked account to cover the shortfall. Plus, there’s no hidden fees. Hint: If you don’t have enough money in your linked accounts to cover the transfer, our Overdraft Privilege service can serve as your backup plan.

To enroll in Overdraft Protection, give us a call at 800-373-7600, ext. 0 or email us at



Overdraft Privilege

Our Overdraft Privilege service covers you when you don’t have enough funds available in your checking account. You’ll be assessed a maximum of 1, $28 fee per day if your account is overdrawn—and we’ll cover up to $700 in overdrafts for your eligible accounts. Plus, you won’t be charged overdraft fees for transactions less than $5.00. Here’s what else you’ll need to know:

  • New checking accounts become eligible for Overdraft Privilege after eligibility criteria is met after 30 days and will be automatically enrolled at that time.
  • ATM, everyday card transactions, checks, ACH automatic bill payments, recurring debit card payments, and all other transactions made using your checking account number can be paid automatically. Hint: This is an extended coverage option that you must “opt-in,” separate from initial enrollment.

To enroll in Overdraft Privilege, or extend your coverage options, give us a call at 800-373-7600, ext. 0, email us at, or send us a message in Shine.

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Please give us a call at 800-373-7600, ext. 0 or email us at

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