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Looking for an activity? Here are some money-themed activities you can play with your kids:

🛒 Play store, and let your child be the cashier. Teach them how to make change.

🎲 Play board games: Monopoly, Life, Pay Day, Act Your Wage, Money Bags, Exact Change.

📈 Learn how compound interest works: Start by giving your child a rock. On the second day, give him another one. On day three, give him two more. Continue giving your child two more rocks each day. Stop on day 10. That rock will have grown into a pile! And that’s how compound interest grows.

💰 Counting coins: Draw lines on a sheet of paper to divide it into four squares. Write a different price in each square. Then, give your kids a pile of coins, and ask them to put the correct change in each quadrant.

Download our PACK-tivities

Kids age 12 and under can learn good money habits and earn cool prizes with a DoPACK kids savings account! They’ll DO things in our Positive Action Club for Kids that help set them up for financial success from an early age.

Join the DoPACK!

Your new savings account is a safe place to put your hard-earned allowance, birthday money, lemonade-stand money … whatever money!

Earn Rewards

Unlike a piggy bank, your DoPACK kids savings account rewards you by paying dividends on your savings. The more you save, the more you earn. Plus, DoPACK members can earn special prizes for being good savers!

Get your official Saver’s Club Card at any Dupaco branch. Each time you put $5 or more into your savings account* you’ll get Dollar Dog’s paw print on your card. Once you collect enough paw prints, stop into one of Dupaco’s branches and pick out an exclusive DoPACK club prize!

3 Stickers

(choose 1)

  • Kick Sack
  • Sun glasses
  • Color-changing mood cup
  • Bendy ruler

6 Stickers

(choose 1)

  • Frisbee
  • Lunch bag
  • Beach ball
  • Flashlight
  • Coin pouch

10 stickers

(Choose 1)

  • Basketball hoop and ball
  • Water bottle
  • Dollar the Dog stuffed animal

Join Jen as she learns more about her money in the It’s a Money Thing series:

Borrowing Money

Saving Money

Spending Money

Making Money

* Limit one sticker per member, per day. In order to receive a sticker the DoPack member must be present when a deposit is made. Deposit must be $5 or more.

Open a DoPACK Kids Savings Account

Open a DoPACK Kids Savings Account

Give us a call at 800-373-7600 or visit us in person at your nearest Dupaco branch.

Have Fun Learning

Have Fun Learning

Learn more about money with tips, tools and activities by reading DoPACK Kids Club quarterly newsletter.

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