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Identity thieves and fraudsters often try to trick people by pretending to be reputable financial institutions. It’s very easy for criminals to create a website that looks legitimate, impersonate a call from a familiar business or organization, or produce a convincing e-mail. How are you supposed to know what’s a legitimate request and what isn’t?

We want you to know that there are certain types of information Dupaco will never ask you for. If somebody asks for this information on behalf of Dupaco, please call us at 800-373-7600. We’ll tell you whether it’s safe to share or not. We won’t be offended if you double check to make sure it’s us!

Things We’ll Never Ask You For

As your financial institution, Dupaco already has your account information, Social Security number, address, and all the other information we need — and are required to collect by law.

Therefore, Dupaco:

  • Will NEVER solicit you and ask for your member or account numbers, or online banking credentials such as user name or password.
  • Will NEVER utilize internet browser pop-ups or advertisements that request you to enter financial information or login credentials.
  • Will NEVER contact you and ask for your credit or debit card number, personal identification number (PIN), or 3-digit security code.

Do not give out any personal information, including account numbers and expiration dates, without knowing with whom you are speaking, especially if the contact was unsolicited or unexpected.

Debit and Credit Card Fraud Monitoring

Dupaco uses CO-OP Financial Services (CO-OP) to help monitor and detect potentially fraudulent activity on Dupaco credit and debit cards. In cases of suspicious activity on your account, you may receive a call from CO-OP to determine whether transactions are legitimate.

Representatives from CO-OP:

  • Will identify themselves by saying: “I’m calling on behalf of Dupaco Community Credit Union‘s Fraud Department.”
  • Will tell you they are calling in reference to your Visa or MasterCard ending in (the last 4 digits of the card).
  • May ask you to verify the amount of your last transaction or payment.
  • Will NEVER ask for your card number, expiration date, or CVC (security) code.

If you are uncomfortable providing any of the requested information, please hang up and call Dupaco or the number on the back of your card.

Types of Emails We’ll Send You

Transaction and Service Quality E-mails: These e-mails are intended to collect feedback from members on the service provided by Dupaco staff. Each contains a link to a survey requesting feedback on Dupaco service or may be triggered by a specific transaction completed in person, by phone, or online with Dupaco within the past week.

Relationship Satisfaction Survey:  This survey helps Dupaco understand what we’re doing well and where we need to improve. The responses you provide are completely confidential.

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