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Dupaco's mission to enrich the lives of our members is as true today as it was in 1948, when 10 Pack employees founded the credit union. They desired an opportunity for members to use and control their own money to improve their social and economic condition.

As a not-for-profit financial cooperative, the more we do for each member, the better all our members do – all 100,000 of them!

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  • Give every dollar a purpose

    What if you could have a brighter financial future by spending every dollar you earned? Zero-sum budgeting gives every dollar a job so that your bottom line totals zero at the end of each month. 

  • Beat the heat with these rebates

    Saving energy isn’t just good for the earth—it’s good for your wallet. Looking for ways to make your home greener this summer? Check out these summer-friendly rebates!

  • How to spot a tech support scam

    The tech support scam is yet another way fraudsters are trying to gain access to your computer, money—or both. See what red flags to watch for and follow these steps to protect yourself from scams like these.

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