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A group of people standing around a desk in an office. Camilo Ruiz says joining the Dupaco crew has been his best professional and rewarding decision. “Working at Dupaco has helped me to be a better individual and professional—and to serve our members with love and passion,” the Colombia native said. (M. Blondin/Dupaco photo)

Meet your #DupacoCrew: Serving others with love and passion

By Camilo Ruiz | Information security manager

DUBUQUE, Iowa—I have many memories from growing up in Bogotá, Colombia—with my neighborhood friends and schoolmates and the long-awaited Sunday visits to my grandparents’ house.

Their home was the gathering point for our extended family. Many cousins, aunts and uncles came together to eat and play for hours until dark.

My mom encouraged me to come to the United States and study English. In 2000, I moved to Madison, Wis., and stayed with one of my sisters. We spent valuable time together after many years of being separated by distance.

After those six months, I decided to stay, work and continue my studies before returning to Colombia.

However, in 2006, I married and moved to the Twin Cities, where my two sons were born. At that point, I realized that my home was here.

Thankful for the opportunity

In 2016, I saw a posting for a position at Dupaco and applied.

Joining Dupaco has been my best professional and rewarding decision. There is always something new to learn to protect our organization’s information, data and computer systems.

With the support of our board and leadership team, we strive to build a more secure Dupaco every day.

Working with our smart, kind, community-focused staff is gratifying. Not everyone can work for a company whose mission is to help members build a life worth loving. And I am thankful every day for the opportunity.

Children holding signs thanking Dupaco

Each year, Camilo Ruiz organizes a holiday fundraising drive for people in need in his native Colombia. Camilo collects donations from family, friends and his Dupaco crew. Recipients of the 2023 campaign offer their thanks. (Contributed photo)

Offering a ray of hope to others

I am still in contact with my family and friends in Colombia. In 2020, during the pandemic, I won a raffle in my hometown for a Christmas dinner for 10 people. But since I was living here, I couldn’t use it. I wanted to offer the dinner to a less privileged family in Colombia.

I considered it a sign that there was more I could do.

So, I contacted my friends and family for support. And with the unconditional love and support of my wife and sons, we were able to raise money to offer more than 150 dinners for people in need in Colombia. The next year, we reached more than 500 people. And in 2022, we helped over 1,000 people. We provided them with dinners, snacks, blankets and toys.

The main idea is to draw a smile on as many faces as possible. We want to offer them a ray of hope and let them know that someone, somewhere, is thinking of them.

Working at Dupaco has helped me to be a better individual and professional—and to serve our members with love and passion.

My mom eventually moved to the United States to be close to my sister, her grandsons and me. She also became a proud Dupaco member!

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