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Dupaco's Robert Daughters (left) joins fellow Dupaco staff members for a group bike ride in the Millwork District in downtown Dubuque, Iowa. Dupaco’s Robert Daughters (left) joins fellow Dupaco staff members for a group bike ride in the Millwork District in downtown Dubuque, Iowa.

Meet your #DupacoCrew: ‘I’m thankful to have meaningful work’

By Robert Daughters | Help Desk manager

My wife and I have never had more than one vehicle in our 10 years of marriage. Early on, we were both students and could only afford one car.

It was a struggle at first. But we made it work.

We found alternative ways to get where we needed to go—public transportation, carpooling, biking or walking.

Now, we don’t feel the need for another car. We’re trying to minimize our negative impact on the environment.

Greater transportation access for all

Sharing a car does require some planning and coordination. Thankfully, our old house is within walking distance of most places we visit.

We occasionally get caught out in bad weather.

I remember a time when we walked our dog to Dairy Queen. Even though it was only a couple of miles, our dog got overheated and decided he was done walking. We had to call my mother-in-law to pick us up.

As far as troubles go, waiting for a ride while enjoying a chocolate dip cone isn’t too bad.

I joined my city’s transit board because I know how important it is to have reliable transportation. I’ve used my time on the transit board to advocate for greater access to public transportation.

I used to work at Dupaco’s Sycamore branch taking loan applications. And I’ve seen how the cost of unexpected car repairs can put a strain on a family’s budget. I talked to members who relied on the bus to get to work or the doctor’s office.

Number of hours Dupaco staff volunteered in 2021

An opportunity to shine

When I was at the Sycamore branch, my supervisor said I’d be a good fit for an open position in a new department called the Help Desk.

I understood why our organization needed a Help Desk. There were many times I wished I had a lifeline while opening new accounts at the branch. The thought of being that lifeline for other employees excited me.

I’m thankful Dupaco has given me this opportunity to shine. And I will forever be grateful to the supervisor who encouraged me to take on a new challenge.

I’ve been with Dupaco for eight years now. And every day, I’m thankful to have meaningful work.

Dupaco is serious about achieving its mission to improve each member’s financial position. I feel fortunate to have found an employer whose core values align so well with my own.

I believe I have a responsibility to care for others and use my strengths to benefit my community. Working for Dupaco has helped me develop my skills and has provided ample opportunities to use them while giving back to the community.

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