Nobody likes being treated like a number, but there’s a number that lenders and other creditors judge you on: your credit score. To make sure you’ll be treated the way you want to be treated, you have to treat your credit with respect. Even if you’ve made some mistakes along the way (and almost everyone has), there are things you can do to improve your credit score.

Give Yourself Some Credit

Know your score. Find out what your current score is and what it means.

Be responsible. Pay bills on time, keep credit card balances low and pay off debts.

Keep an eye on it. Monitor and review your credit history to make sure it’s accurate.

It’s Not Written in Stone

Credit scores change all the time because you’re doing things on a daily basis that impact your credit. When you make positive changes in how you handle your money, it can improve your credit score a lot. Dupaco offers several tools and programs to help you establish credit, build credit, improve your credit score and monitor your credit.

Tips To Improve Your Credit

Tips to improve your credit

Be the boss of your credit score! Learn how to improve, maintain and monitor your credit score—and why your credit matters.

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Find A Card That Fits Your Lifestyle

Find a card that fits your lifestyle

Opening a credit card—and using it correctly—is one of the best credit-building tools available.

Explore credit cards

  • Debt consolidation
    See what you could save by consolidating your debt into one single monthly payment.
  • Credit card pay off
    See how much you should pay each month to eliminate your credit card balance.