Life after Graduation

Steps to think about before heading to college

Analyze Your Opportunities

Now that you have done your research, it is time to compare your opportunities. A standard approach of Pros versus Cons is definitely a beneficial way to compare your options. But taking it a step further and using a SWOT Analysis approach may rive you better insight.

What is a SWOT Analysis?

A SWOT Analysis is a technique that is useful for understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your options, as well as the opportunities and threats (or barriers) to your decision.


  • What are the advantages of one option over the other?
  • What is unique or more beneficial about this option versus other options?
  • Does this option have a good graduation or retention rate?


  • Does this option require you to take on more debt than other options?
  • Does this option have poor graduation or retention rates?
  • Are the class sizes too small or too big for you?


  • Does this option provide better career opportunities after graduation?
  • Does this option allow you to take on less debt than other options?
  • Does this option have a strong focus on your desired major/career?


  • Will money be a barrier in attending this option?
  • Is the location of this option a barrier?
  • Is the campus size or transportation option a barrier?

Using the cost and financial assistance information you have gathered, it can be helpful to put your top options together in a worksheet for comparison. This will allow you a side-by-side comparison of your options as you weigh your decision. Download a printable Comparison Worksheet located on page 10 of our Toolkit.

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