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Dupaco member helps fellow member with anonymous donation

Sometimes, it’s nice to be reminded that we’re member-owners of something special. Earlier this year, a Dupaco member felt called to help another member she’s never met. Here’s what happened.

While at one of Dupaco’s ATMs, a member spotted a receipt left by the person in front of her. Wanting to help, she took the paper home to dispose of it properly.

But once she got home, she saw the account balance on the receipt.


She returned to the branch on a mission that same day. The member asked if she could transfer money to the other person’s account. She wanted to make an anonymous donation.

“I have money and want to help this person,” she said.

Staff members were touched and said she didn’t have to do that. But she insisted.

So, staff tracked down the member who had used the ATM just before her. And they anonymously transferred money from her account to the other member’s account.

Within the hour, the recipient called Dupaco. She noticed the deposit and wondered how the money had gotten there.

Staff explained what had happened. And the member started to cry. She said she was having a rough time. She’d been selling some of her belongings to try to pay her rent. The member’s act of kindness would make it possible to do so.

The recipient wanted to express her gratitude to the member who helped her.

After hearing how her gesture made a difference, the giver returned to the branch the following month. She wanted to make another anonymous deposit into her fellow member’s account.

It’s people helping people. And it’s a reminder that when we help each other, we can create a brighter community for all.

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