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Dupaco continues to fulfill its original ideals of serving and enriching the lives of its members. Here are the milestones that helped us evolve into the community credit union we are today.

  • Dupaco is founded

    With $5 each and a loan for $123.20 from their local union, ten Dubuque Packing Company employees start their own credit union. They borrow six letters from their employer’s name (Dubuque Packing Company) and call it Dupaco.

    State of Iowa chartered

    Dupaco Credit Union is chartered by the State of Iowa on July 17, 1948. The original Articles of Incorporation are signed by Dupaco founding members Marie B. Haupert, Melvin Schumacher, Alfred Carroll, R.W. Reavell, Larry Vize, William Moore, Ronald Nennig, Marjorie Alm, Nellie Tucker and Manley Alm.


    Dupaco Articles of Incorporation

  • Began funding home loans

    Dupaco borrows $5,000 from the Iowa Credit Union League and uses the money to begin funding home loans.

    Home Loans

  • Renamed Dupaco Employees Credit Union

    Dupaco bylaws are amended to change the name from Dupaco Credit Union to Dupaco Employees Credit Union.



  • Systematic savings is born

    An agreement is reached with the Dubuque Packing Company enabling employees to automatically deposit up to $3 per-pay-period into their Dupaco Share Savings accounts — systematic savings is born. Operations move to 760 ½ East 16th Street, Dubuque, Iowa. Ed V. Neuhaus is appointed full-time Treasurer.

  • Introduced Christmas Club accounts

    Christmas Club accounts are introduced to promote thrift and assist members in saving for holiday expenses.

  • First Iowa credit union to construct office building

    Dupaco becomes the first Iowa credit union to construct its own office building, located at 1465 Sycamore Street in Dubuque. Following resignation of Ed Neuhaus, Keith W. Sheehy is hired as Treasurer/Manager.

  • Quality-Bilt Credit Union merges with Dupaco, Money Orders introduced

    The membership of Quality-Bilt Credit Union merges with Dupaco. That same year, Dupaco expands its services to include money orders.

  • Dupaco is among the nation’s first credit unions to install computerized bookkeeping

    Dupaco is among the nation’s first credit unions to install a computerized bookkeeping system. Passbooks are eliminated in favor of computer-generated statement mailings. And Bob Hoefer is hired as the system’s primary programmer and operator.

  • Enabled multiple savings accounts option

    To further promote mindful saving habits, Dupaco enables members to create multiple savings accounts under a single member number. Membership eligibility is extended to in-laws and grandchildren of primary members.

  • Membership eligibility extended

    Membership eligibility is extended to the sons- and daughters-in-law of primary members.

    How to Join

  • Bob Hoefer is named President

    Treasurer/Manager Keith Sheehy resigns and is replaced by Bill Fahey. Bob Hoefer is named President and appointed to the Dupaco Board of Directors.

    Bob Hoefer

  • Open-end credit is introduced, Membership eligibility expanded

    Open-end credit is introduced, and membership eligibility is expanded to include any person related to a primary member by blood, marriage, guardianship or adoption.

  • Services extended to all Dubuque Packing Company employees

    Dupaco services are extended to Dubuque Packing Company employees at all nine of its plant locations nationwide.


  • Share draft checking is introduced

  • Membership benefits offered to employer groups

    Authorized employer groups are granted the ability to extend Dupaco membership and payroll deduction benefits to their employees.

    Online system added to allow live balance access

    Dupaco joins the Iowa Clearing House Association (IACHA) for the clearing of share drafts, federal payments and net check deposits. An online computer terminal system is also added to allow live balance access.

  • Dubuque’s Hillcrest Road branch opens, Student loan program begins

    A new office opens at Hillcrest and JFK Road in Dubuque. Dupaco begins participating in the Iowa Student Loan program.

    Student Loans

  • Share account minimum changes from $5 to $25

    Par value on the member share account changes from $5 to $25. An in-house data-processing system is installed. Following resignation of Bill Fahey, Bob Hoefer is appointed Manager and President.

    Personal Loans

  • New debit card introduced, Certificates expand

    Dupaco introduces its new debit card program and expands its lineup of money market certificates.


    Guaranteed earnings when you save for a set period of time

  • Renamed Dupaco Credit Union

    Following the closure of the Dubuque Packing Company, Dupaco Employees Credit Union is renamed Dupaco Credit Union.

  • Membership expanded to food industry employees

    Dupaco membership eligibility is expanded to include employees of any food-related industry in Dubuque County.

    How to Join

  • Financial planning services are introduced

    Discount brokerage and financial planning services are introduced. Dupaco membership eligibility is extended to anyone residing or working in Dubuque, Jackson and Delaware Counties in Iowa.

  • Renamed Dupaco Community Credit Union

    Bylaws are amended to change name to Dupaco Community Credit Union. An in-house credit card processing system is installed.


    Dupaco introduces business, home equity loan

  • Membership eligibility expands, Visa Classic credit cards made available

    The Presto Telephone Teller service debuts. Field of membership eligibility is expanded to include persons living or employed in Jo Daviess County, Illinois, and Grant County, Wisconsin. Visa® Classic credit cards made available.

    How to Join

  • Dyersville branch opens, New programs introduced

    A new Dupaco branch opens on Highway 136 in Dyersville, Iowa. The Annual Tri-State-Area College Scholarship Program is instituted, and the Dupaco Prime Time Club is introduced.

  • Mortgage Lending Department established

    Plan America® Financial Management Services are made available to members. Dupaco’s full-service Mortgage Lending Department is established. Rex Wellman is named Director Emeritus.



  • Saturday branch hours are implemented

    Construction is completed on a new six-lane drive-up facility at the Hillcrest location and Saturday member service hours are implemented.

  • Dubuque’s Hillcrest branch expands office space

    A major expansion is completed at Dupaco’s Hillcrest office.

  • Branch opens inside Dubuque’s Eagle Country Market

    A new branch office location opens inside the Eagle Country Market at 300 South Locust Street in Dubuque.

  • 7 year adjustable-rate mortgage is introduced

    Dupaco’s seven-year adjustable-rate mortgage program is introduced. Charter member Ronald Nennig is named Honorary Board Member.

    Home Loans

  • Daily savings dividends

    Dupaco begins paying daily dividends on savings accounts.

    Garage sale launches, Dupaco logo changes

    The Dupaco Community-Wide Garage Sale is launched. And a new corporate logo makes its debut.

  • Share draft package, Visa Gold credit cards introduced

    A share draft checking package — including MoneyCard and Presto telephone access — is introduced, along with risk-based consumer loan pricing, a 24-Hour Loan Line and Visa Gold credit cards.

    Get answers about Dupaco's debit card

    Dyersville branch relocates to new facility

    Dyersville branch operations are relocated to a newly constructed facility at 807 Ninth Street SE.


  • is introduced

    Dupaco makes its official online debut with the introduction of


  • Online Banking is introduced

    New financial planning services

    Dupaco Financial Services, Inc., is founded.

    Get friendly, personal advice from the experts

    Dubuque branch operations move into new facility

    Sycamore branch operations move into newly constructed facility dedicated in the name of Director Donald R. Meyers.

    Dupaco receives philanthropic award

    Dupaco receives the Outstanding Philanthropic Organization award from the Eastern Iowa Chapter of the National Society of Fund Raising Executives (NSFRE).

  • Dubuque’s Key West branch opens

    A new Key West branch location opens at 2245 Flint Hill Drive in Dubuque. Prime Cut home equity and Mini- Max loan products are introduced.

    Kids Club makes debut

    The Dupaco Positive Action Club for Kids (DoPack) makes its debut.

    We make it fun to learn smart money habits

    Membership extended to additional counties

    Membership eligibility is extended to anyone living or working in Allamakee, Buchanan, Cedar, Clayton, Clinton, Fayette, Jones, Linn, Scott, and Winneshiek Counties in Iowa; Crawford, Iowa, and Lafayette Counties in Wisconsin; and Carroll, Rock Island, and Whiteside Counties in Illinois.

  • Expressway Indirect Lending Program is introduced

    The new Expressway Indirect Lending Program enables members to obtain Dupaco financing on-site at area auto dealer partners.

    Auto Loans

    Dupaco Board of Director member honored

    Dupaco Board of Directors member Melvin G. Kiebel is honored for his 40+ years of service.

  • Galena branch opens

    A new branch office opens at 11375 Oldenburg Lane in Galena, Illinois.


    First Community Trust alliance begins

    A full line of trust products and services is offered to members via a new alliance with First Community Trust, N.A.

    Sound guidance. Tailored.

  • Dupaco joins ATM network, 24-hour online loan approval introduced

    Dupaco joins the Privileged Status surcharge-free ATM network. 24-hour online loan approval is introduced.


  • Platteville branch opens

    A new branch office opens at 490 East U.S. Highway 151, Suite D, in Platteville, Wisconsin.


    Dupaco Board of Director member honored

    David R. Hansel honored for 30+ years as a Dupaco Board of Directors member.

    eStatements, eNotifiers, and open-end lending are introduced

    Online banking capabilities are enhanced with the introduction of electronic statements, account alerts and check images. PowerLine open-end lending is introduced.

  • Dubuque’s Saratoga Road branch opens

    Opened new branch office and drive-up facility at 5865 Saratoga Road in Asbury, Iowa.



    New products, services introduced

    Introduced Cooperative Loan Giveback, Pick-A-Payment loan program and long-term care insurance.

  • Dupaco joins shared branching network, Credit History Lessons are born

    Dupaco joins the Credit Union Service Corporation nationwide shared branching network, and introduces Online Bill Pay, Credit History Lessons and the Homemade Mortgage Payment Plan.


    Credit History Lesson

    Stockton Employees Credit Union merges with Dupaco

    A merger with the former Stockton Employees Credit Union in Stockton, Illinois welcomes 325 new members to Dupaco. Field of membership eligibility expanded to include persons living or working in Stephenson County, Illinois.

    Dupaco recognized as Community Credit Union of the Year

    Dupaco is recognized with the National Association of Community Credit Unions’ inaugural Community Credit Union of the Year Award.

  • Community Plus Credit Union merges with Dupaco

    A merger with Community Plus Credit Union results in 4,300 new Dupaco members and additional branch locations at 808 Wilson Avenue SW in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and 1200 West Main Street in Manchester, Iowa. Membership eligibility is extended to persons living or working in Benton and Johnson counties in Iowa.

    Bob Hoefer inducted into Hall of Fame, Dupaco receives award

    Bob Hoefer, President and CEO, is inducted into Credit Union Executives Society (CUES) Hall of Fame. Dupaco receives the CUNA Mutual Group’s prestigious Roy F. Bergengren Award for High Achievement.

    Free Checking, 1st Rate Checking, and Health Savings Accounts are introduced

    Dupaco introduces Free Checking, 1st Rate Interest-Bearing Checking, and Health Savings Accounts. It also becomes the first financial institution in the tri-state area to introduce 24/7 online mortgage applications.

    Get answers about health savings accounts

  • Dupaco Insurance Services is formed, Online Account Opening introduced

    Dupaco Insurance Services is formed. 24/7 Online Account Opening is made available via

    Dubuque’s Hy-Vee branch opens

    A new branch office—featuring Sunday hours—opens in Hy-Vee at 400 South Locust Street in Dubuque.


  • Rountree Credit Union merges with Dupaco

    A merger with the former Rountree Credit Union in Platteville, Wisconsin helps Dupaco surpass the 50,000 member mark.

    New branches open in Cedar Rapids and Manchester

    Additional branch locations open at 808 Wilson Avenue SW in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and 1200 West Main Street in Manchester, Iowa. Our Hillcrest, Hy-Vee, Platteville and Cedar Rapids locations become CUSN recognized Credit Union Service Centers.


  • 60th Anniversary, Money Makeovers are born

    Dupaco celebrates its 60th anniversary of serving members. Free Money Makeovers are introduced.


  • Dupaco earns Performance Award

    Dupaco earns Raddon Financial Group’s Crystal Performance Award recognizing growth, income, efficiency and margin management.

    Shine Online Banking makes its debut


  • Dubuque’s Pennsylvania Ave. and Cedar Rapids’ 1st Ave. branches open

    Two full-service branches are added: one in Dubuque, at the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and the Northwest Arterial, the other in Cedar Rapids at 1st Avenue and 35th Street Drive SE. A new, state-of-the-art system internal processing system is implemented.


  • Named one of top five Iowa employers

    Dupaco is named one of the top five mid-size employers in Iowa by the Des Moines Register. President/CEO Bob Hoefer named 2011 Credit Union Executives Society’s Outstanding Executive of the Year.

    Shine Mobile is introduced

  • Bob Hoefer retires, Joe Hearn appointed President/CEO

    After more than 47 years of service, Bob Hoefer, Dupaco President/CEO, retires. Joseph Hearn, 25-year Dupaco veteran, is appointed the credit union’s new President/CEO.

    Corporate offices relocated to Pennsylvania Ave.

    Dupaco corporate offices are relocated to 3999 Pennsylvania Ave. in Dubuque.

  • Mobile deposit is launched

    Mobile deposit is launched, allowing members to deposit checks by taking a picture with their mobile device.

    Deposit checks right from your mobile phone

  • Iowa Community Credit Union merges with Dupaco

    Dupaco merges with Iowa Community Credit Union, resulting in overnight growth of 10,000 members and six additional branch locations.

  • Peosta Learning Lab opens with Live Video Teller

    Dupaco opens its 19th branch in Peosta, Iowa. The Peosta Learning Lab provides a fresh concept and technology that underpins the credit union’s mission to improve each member’s financial position. Among its many innovations is the credit union’s first Live Video Teller.


  • Dupaco launches Thank Use

    Dupaco launches Thank Use and rewards over 45,000 participating members with shares of more $2.85 million.

    Thank Use

    Dupaco opens a new Learning Lab branch on San Marnan Dr. in Waterloo, Iowa.


    Dupaco opens a new Learning Lab branch on San Marnan Dr. in Waterloo, Iowa.

    Membership eligibility expanded

    Field of membership eligibility is expanded to include persons living or working in Adair, Boone, Buena Vista, Cass, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Clay, Dallas, Dickenson, Emmett, Floyd, Franklin, Hamilton, Hancock, Hardin, Harrison, Howard, Humboldt, Ida, Jasper, Keokuk, Kossuth, Lyon, Madison, Mahaska, Marion, Marshall, Mitchell, Monona, O’Brien, Osceola, Palo Alto, Plymouth, Pocahontas, Polk, Pottawattamie, Poweshiek, Sioux, Story, Warren, Webster, Winnebago, Woodbury, Worth and Wright Counties in Iowa.


  • Rewards Visa credit card, Launchpad savings introduced

    Dupaco introduces Rewards Visa credit cards and Launchpad savings accounts.

    Launchpad Retirement Savings Accounts

    Programs introduced to help high school students explore their options, pay for college

    Existing undergraduate student loan options are enhanced and refinance options are added. “Life After Graduation” seminar events shed light on the student debt crisis. The R.W. Hoefer Foundation awards $20,000 in scholarship money to first-time, first-year college students.

    Make your student loan repayment more manageable

    The Dupaco Great Credit Race takes place

    The Great Credit Race is held from May through October, helping it participants to build and bolster their credit scores.

    The Dupaco Great Credit Race

    Waterloo’s Mullan Avenue branch makeover

    The Mullan Avenue branch in Waterloo is renovated with a fresh look that mirrors the San Marnan Learning Lab.

    Dupaco surpasses 100,000 members

    While Dupaco’s membership has grown exponentially, the credit union’s not-for- profit mission and structure remain the same.

    Thank Use rewards members

    Thank Use rewards nearly 49,000 participating members with shares of more than $3.17 million.

  • 70th Anniversary

    Dupaco celebrates 70 years of service to its members. To honor this celebration, Dupaco partners with 7Hills Brewing Co., in Dubuque, Iowa, to craft Brewpaco, a small-batch seasonal Belgian Whitbier.

    Marion Learning Lab branch opens, Live Video Teller at NewBo in Cedar Rapids

    A new Learning Lab branch is constructed on Carlson Way, in Marion, Iowa and a Live Video Teller machine is installed in the NewBo City Market, delivering convenient member services to the downtown Cedar Rapids area.

    ChangeUp Savings is introduced

    Shine Online Banking receives a fresh look and several new features; including advanced fraud protection, a simplified loan application, and ChangeUp Savings – which rolls debit purchases up to the nearest dollar and puts the “spare change” into the member’s savings account.

    Members earn more than $2.6 million in Thank Use

    By simply using their credit union’s products and services, participants in Dupaco’s annual Thank Use campaign earn givebacks totaling more $2.6 million.

  • Dupaco named a Top Workplace in Iowa

    The Des Moines Register announced the 2019 Top Workplaces. Dupaco Community Credit Union was recognized again as a top 10 workplace.

    Forbes ranks Dupaco among best credit unions and banks

    Forbes recently named Dupaco a Best-In-State credit union in its ranking of in-state financial institutions. The report aimed to gauge which financial institutions best serve their members or banking customers.

    Dupaco joined the CO-OP ATM network

    The partnership allows members to use their Dupaco MoneyCard surcharge free at ATMs of participating financial institutions. Members now have fee-free access at more than 30,000 ATMs nationwide.

    Received the Dubuque Area Chamber of Commerce’s Economic Impact Award for Voices Building

    Received the Economic Impact Award for reinvesting in Dupaco’s downtown roots with the revitalization of the historic building formerly known as Voices during the Dubuque Area Chamber of Commerce annual meeting.

    Launched interactive touchscreen experience at NewBo City Market in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

    Dupaco launched a giant interactive touch-screen experience at NewBo City Market in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in 2019. The screen invites you to play fun and educational financial games.

    4,769 kids participated in Thank Use through new category called Boost

    In 2019, 58,665 Dupaco members collected more than $3.6 million in Thank Use bonus dividends. This includes 4,769 of Dupaco’s youngest members, who collectively earned more than $119,000 through Boost, a new category created to encourage and reward the habit of making regular savings deposits.

    Launched Savings Goal tool

    Create a customized plan to reach your goals with Savings Goal, which launched in 2019.


  • Broke ground in Grimes, Iowa

    Dupaco staff and members from the Grimes Chamber & Economic Development kick off construction of the learning lab in Grimes, Iowa—Dupaco’s first in the Des Moines area.

    Debuted upgraded Shine Mobile Banking

    Whether you’re on-the-go or right at home, Shine Mobile lets you keep tabs on your spending, view transactions, transfer funds, pay bills and more, all from your mobile or tablet device.

    Awarded $40,000 in student college scholarships through the Dupaco R.W. Hoefer Foundation

    Kicked off construction in Cedar Falls, Iowa

    Dupaco staff and members from Grow Cedar Valley kick-off construction May 12 at the site of Dupaco’s newest full-service branch located at 126 Brandilynn Blvd., at the northeast corner of the intersection of Viking Road and Highway 58 in Cedar Falls, Iowa. (Grow Cedar Valley photo)

    Dupaco staff and members from Grow Cedar Valley kick-off construction May 12 at the site of Dupaco’s newest full-service branch located at 126 Brandilynn Blvd., at the northeast corner of the intersection of Viking Road and Highway 58 in Cedar Falls, Iowa. (Grow Cedar Valley photo)

    Awarded $1.82 million in grants for ongoing pandemic-relief efforts

    Remodeled Platteville, Wisconsin Learning Lab

    Dupaco staff, Platteville Chamber of Commerce representatives, and elected officials celebrate the re-opening of the newly remodeled Learning Lab Branch Office in Platteville, Wisconsin.

    Dupaco staff, Platteville Chamber of Commerce representatives, and elected officials Wednesday evening celebrate the re-opening of the credit union’s newly remodeled Learning Lab Branch Office in Platteville, Wis. (D.Klavitter photo)

    Acquired Madison-based Home Savings Bank

    Dupaco & Home Savings Bank

    Dupaco-sponsored BizHub opened inside The Innovation Lab in Dyersville, Iowa




  • Named a 2022 Top Workplaces USA

    Hint: 1 in 5 new Dupaco hires were employee referrals in 2022.
    Top Workplaces USA 2022

    Awarded $60,000 in student college scholarships through the Dupaco R.W. Hoefer Foundation

    Officially welcomed customers of Home Savings Bank to Dupaco.

    The acquisition brought two Dupaco branches to Madison, Wis.—enhancing service to our growing membership.

    Held the first Dupaco Connect Conference.

    The event was a day of inspiration, education and fun—reigniting staff about Dupaco’s mission to serve our members.

    Launched a free Business Resource Center.

    Starting—and running—a business is a labor of love. But you don’t have to do it alone. Use our free resources to help!

    Received the 2022 Employ Humanity Excellence Award at Dupaco’s headquarters in Dubuque, Iowa.

    From left: Katie McClain, Dupaco vice president, human resources; Lisa Bowers, chief people officer; Bill Marklein, Employ Humanity founder; and Joe Hearn, Dupaco president and CEO.

    Dupaco receives 2022 Employ Humanity Excellence Award

  • Awarded $60,000 in student college scholarships through the Dupaco R.W. Hoefer Foundation.

    Celebrated the credit union’s Thank Use payout of $3.3 million+ with members on International Credit Union Day.

    Simplified and reduced our overdraft fees, which is helping more members manage their cash flow and break the overdraft cycle.

    Forbes named Dupaco a 2023 top-rated credit union based on consumer sentiment.


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