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A father and his daughter standing in front of their white car outside in a parking lot. Allisson Garcia and her father, Juan, stop by Dupaco’s Dyersville, Iowa, branch to show employees the new car they purchased with the help of their financial cooperative. (Dupaco photo)

Family honors heritage by celebrating tradition with a twist

DYERSVILLE, Iowa—Forget the fancy dresses, music, dancing and food. When Allisson Garcia approached 15 years old—and her long-anticipated quinceañera—she had a different idea of how to honor her milestone.

Instead of a traditional celebration with family and friends, Allisson dreamed of the kind of freedom that comes with four wheels.

A car of her own.

“I wanted something that could help me in the present and future. I didn’t want to spend so much money on a quinceañera for it just to be one night,” she said. “With the car, I can help with groceries when my parents are tired. I wanted to be able to help my family like that.”

Guidance every step of the way

Allisson’s parents were on board with celebrating their culture’s tradition with a twist.

Juan turned to his longtime financial cooperative to help make their daughter’s wish come true. Over the years, Dupaco has helped Juan build his credit and create a plan to reach his hopes and dreams for his family.

Dupaco not only loaned the parents money to buy their daughter’s first car but helped protect the car with insurance from their member-owned Dupaco Insurance Services.

“I was honored to be able to make her dream come true and see her happy to own something of her own like a car,” Juan said. “I see Dupaco as a good option to help me and my family continue to grow in life and make more of our wishes come true.”

The new teen driver says she’s grateful “in every way possible” for her hardworking parents and their special gift. (It’s a pretty nice bonus that Allisson now gets control of the music. Driver chooses the tunes in the Garcia family.)

“With my parents’ hard work and efforts, I am where I am now,” Allisson said.

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