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Couple Makes A Deal Before Getting Married—and They Still Laugh About It Dupaco members Ben and Brianna Umthun, of Norwalk, Iowa, have long connected with their credit union from a distance. Soon the family, which includes children Carson and Cami, can also visit Dupaco in person at the Grimes Learning Lab.

Couple makes a deal before getting married—and they still laugh about it

When Brianna and Ben Umthun got married, they made a deal: If Brianna took Ben’s last name, he’d take her credit union.

Eleven years later, the Norwalk, Iowa, couple has stayed true to their word.

“We still joke about that,” Brianna said. “I told Ben how much I loved Dupaco, and I wanted to stay. He was a little hesitant. But a few months after we got married, he said, ‘Alright, Dupaco is pretty great.’”

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‘Dupaco has our back’

Living in the Des Moines area, the college sweethearts have become pros at easily accessing their money and getting answers to their financial questions from afar.

“We never have to worry before shopping for a car, because we know that Dupaco has our back before we walk into the dealership,” Ben said.

Convenience is even more important these days, as they support their children and their growing interests. Both parents volunteer as coaches for Carson and Cami’s sports teams—and are running around more than ever before.

“Professionally, Bri and I have achieved more than we ever hoped. We want to ensure our kids are set up for success too,” Ben said. “Part of what’s going to ensure success for our kids is a solid foundation financially, and Dupaco has a lot of features that facilitate saving.”

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The Umthuns now have another way to connect with their credit union—the Grimes Learning Lab.

“I was so excited! I like to know that Dupaco’s close,” Brianna said. “Our kids are excited about Dupaco coming here too. For years, our kids have heard strangers at restaurants tell us that they like our Dupaco cards and ask us about Dupaco.”

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