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Dupaco fee-free ATMs Dupaco’s Vanessa Douglas tests out the expanded fee-free CO-OP ATM network at Dupaco’s Live Video Teller in Galena, Ill. (A. Houy/Dupaco photo)

You now have more fee-free ATMs to access your money

Hey, Dupaco members! You can now access your money at even more fee-free ATMs.

Dupaco cooperatively joined the CO-OP ATM network—a partnership that lets you use your Dupaco MoneyCard surcharge-free at ATMs of other participating financial institutions. This is in addition to Dupaco’s longstanding partnership with the Privileged Status ATM network.

What this means: You can now avoid surcharges at more than 30,000 ATMs nationwide!

That’s more than most of the biggest banks. And it’s one more way credit unions cooperate to better serve members like you!

Fee-free ATM network

How to find fee-free ATMs

Look for the Privileged Status or CO-OP ATM logo on ATMs to ensure they’re part of the fee-free network.

You also can locate fee-free ATMs with these tools:

  • Find Privileged Status ATMs, Dupaco branches and ATMs when you launch the Shine Mobile Banking app on your phone.
  • Use Dupaco’s website to find branches, ATMs, live video teller outlets and CO-OP Shared Branches near you.
  • Visit the CO-OP Shared Branch website to locate surcharge-free ATMs and shared branch locations.

There are never surcharges or transaction charges when using your MoneyCard at Dupaco-owned ATMs. And the first eight transactions each month at non-Dupaco-owned ATMs are free. Each subsequent transaction is subject to a nominal charge.

Other ways you can access your money

Other ways you can access your money

You also can stay connected to your money—wherever you are—with these other services:

Shared branching: The CO-OP Shared Branch network gives you global reach. The network includes more than 5,600 branches in all 50 states. Make deposits, cash and check withdrawals, loan payments, transfers and more as if you were at Dupaco.

Find your nearest shared branch >

Shine Online and Mobile Banking: Check your balances, monitor your credit, pay your bills and more through Dupaco’s Shine online and mobile banking.

Mobile deposit: Deposit the occasional check with your cell phone and Dupaco’s mobile app.

Telephone Teller: If online banking isn’t for you—or you’re temporarily without internet service—you can call Presto for access to your Dupaco account information anytime. Call Dupaco at 800-373-7600, and say, “Presto” for Presto Audio Response.

Direct deposit: Through this convenient service, you have faster access to your money. No more waiting for your check to arrive in the mail, and no more special trips to a credit union to deposit your checks!