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Dupaco's updated website (M. Blondin/Dupaco photo)

Dupaco’s new website to help you know, grow your money

Dupaco Community Credit Union is known for its Money Makeovers, which help members pay less and save more.

Now the financial cooperative is getting a makeover of its own. On May 14, will roll out with a fresh and simplified design, enhanced navigation and new features—offering even more ways to know and grow your money.

“Part of our vision as a credit union is to help educate people in their financial lives, to give them information and guidance that empowers them to accomplish more,” said Brad Schweikert, Dupaco’s senior digital experience architect. “With that in mind, the site is being redesigned to take a distinctively educational angle to it.”

The credit union has outgrown its existing website, which has been in place for about seven years, Schweikert said. The new website will be better equipped to adapt and change with the ever-evolving technology landscape.

“The new platform is future proof in many ways,” he said. “It’s built to grow and evolve with us, and give us the flexibility to integrate new content and tools more easily and timelier than ever before.”

Here’s what else you can expect from the revamped website:

Dupaco's revamped website is responsive for any device.Adaptable site

Updating the website will make it responsive to the many web-viewing platforms available today.

“Responsive and adaptable design ensures that you’ll have a consistent, familiar and intuitive experience every time you visit the site, regardless of the technology you use to view it,” Schweikert said. “What that means is when you open the website from a browser on a desktop or on your phone, or any screen size in between, the website will adapt.”

This was prompted by studying how members access their credit union’s website. As more technology becomes available, from smartphones to tablets, so too does the way consumers view and interact online.

Simplified navigation

The modern platform will enable better navigation throughout the website, giving you multiple ways to find the information you’re looking for. Much like using Google, you’ll be able to better search the site using your natural language.

You’ll also be able to use location services to find your nearest Dupaco branch, Live Video Teller, Co-Op Shared Branch and more.

“Our goal was to bring it as up to date and as state of the art as we can,” Schweikert said. “We took cues from many of the technologies and websites people frequent today. In doing so, I think we’ve created a website that’s easy—and enjoyable—to use.”

Education focus

Dupaco believes when you know better, you do better. As a cooperative, the credit union is committed to offering sound financial advice to members and non-members. The updated website will make it even easier to do just that.

In addition to product and service information, the newly designed website will offer educational tools and resources in a variety of formats, including video, blog, calculators, printable worksheets and more.

“You might be going to the website to find out more about our loan rates, but we also will be able to provide you accompanying educational tools. We’ll be able to marry those pieces of information to define the philosophy behind why we offer these products and services,” Schweikert said. “Our long-term goal is to be a trusted financial education and information resource for members and non-members alike.”

Guided content experience

One of the ways you can learn even more is by taking advantage of a new guided content experience that will be on Dupaco’s homepage.

The site gives you an opportunity to explore content by answering questions about your end goal. You start by finishing the statement, “I want to … ”:

  • Boost my financial wellbeing
  • Save or invest money
  • Make great borrowing decisions

So, if there’s something you’re trying to accomplish in your financial life, you can work your way through these content tracks to learn more about how to get there.

“Based on what we’ve learned about our members and even the public in general, these are the challenges people are looking to solve when they come to a place like Dupaco,” Schweikert said. “This initial navigation gives you the tools and content paths to explore those areas and hopefully use it to get ahead in your financial life.”

Dupaco's revamped website will include a guided content experience.

ADA compliant

The site has been redesigned to meet the modern specifications of the Americans with Disabilities Act. That encompasses everything from the website’s layout, which is more accessible, to the colors that were selected, which can be identified by those who are colorblind.

Stability and security

While the website is taking on a more educational approach, you’ll still be able to utilize Shine Online Banking.

“Online banking is a very important feature for our members, and it will remain front and center,” Schweikert said. “We’re simply complementing it with a multitude of tools and resources that’ll make members’ online experiences even more satisfying and useful.”

As ever, member security is at the forefront of Dupaco’s thinking. The updated platform was carefully chosen to ensure a tight and seamless fit with its already solid online banking security and protection infrastructure. So, you can be assured that your online banking is more secure than ever before—and will always remain that way.