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Free credit monitoring for Dupaco members

It’s your credit–and monitoring it shouldn’t be difficult or costly. There are a lot of credit monitoring services out there these days, all promising great things. Unfortunately, those promises are often kept through a one-time or ongoing fee.

The good news is that, if you’re a Dupaco member, you have already access to a FREE tool that makes monitoring your credit easy!

Why choose credit monitoring?

Regularly monitoring your credit report not only allows you to keep tabs on your financial life, but also helps guard against identity theft. And in an age of data breaches and scams, it’s critical to keep an eye out for fraud.

Dupaco’s Bright Track credit monitoring service is a free benefit of your credit union membership. It provides real-time access to personalized credit scores, reports and tips within Shine Online and Mobile Banking. Bright Track, which launched in 2016, complements Dupaco’s Credit History Lessons and Credit Coach Loans. It’s one more tool to help you build or improve your credit—and gain access to better rates for both loans and insurance.

Dupaco rewards members for credit monitoring

Tying members’ credit score health into this year’s Thank Use initiative highlighted these valuable services, says Dupaco’s David Klavitter. Eligible members received an additional $10 because at least 83.3 percent of participating Bright Track-enrolled members improved or maintained their scores during the campaign.

Your membership pays. See how >

“This year’s Thank Use group goal was an added incentive for members to know and understand their credit score,” Klavitter says. “When members know better, they do better.”