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Dupaco Credit Union

Dupaco Insurance Services helps member insure hope

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa—Jenay Sullivan had beaten thyroid cancer not once, but twice, when she found herself in a different kind of battle.

A couple years ago, the Cedar Rapids mom of three and her husband both wanted to replace outdated life insurance policies. While her husband was approved, Sullivan was declined for medical reasons.

After she had been cancer-free for six years, Sullivan decided to try again. This time, she turned to Dupaco Insurance Services.

The perks of membership
Dupaco members saved an average of $275 in annual insurance premiums
in 2016 when they switched to Dupaco Insurance Services.

Senior insurance agent Brian Lyons worked with Sullivan last fall, helping her obtain the life insurance policy she had been wanting.

“It’s amazing, because we had about half as much coverage for me before,” Sullivan said. “It’s very comforting to know that if anything should happen to us, our children would be well taken care of.”

Lyons also reviewed the couple’s auto insurance policies.

By moving those policies to Dupaco Insurance Services, Sullivan saved about $360 in annual insurance premiums.

Dupaco leverages credit union membership to take advantage of additional discounts on products. The credit union has access to insurance through about a dozen companies to offer members the most competitive rates available.

“I plan on staying with them,” Sullivan said. “I like that they can see which company works best for us instead of going to just one company and getting their quote.”

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