Just as smart saving and spending is learned, compassion is also learned. Giving back is a great feeling—payback your child will value for a lifetime. Sharing with others will teach them that even a small amount can make a big impact. Whether your child is a toddler or a teenager, here are some ways you can encourage your child to share a bit of their money with a friend in need, help fund a cause, or make a donation in your community. 

Read them stories about giving and sharing.

The concept of giving and sharing can be complex for kids to comprehend. Use stories to help you explain the concept. 

Talk to your child about how you donate.

Giving may be so habitual to you that you give mindlessly under your child’s radar but these are perfect moments to be mindful and teach your children that giving back is important to you and explain to them why you chose to give. As you drop change in the next collection jar or send a check in the mail to a charitable organization, take a moment to talk to your child about what you are doing and why, it is sure to make an impact on them.

Give them opportunities to give back.

Make charitable giving regular and consistent part of your child's life. Let your child experience the joy of giving.

Meaningful giving.

Encourage your child to give to something or someone they truly care about to make it even more meaningful. What are their interests? Find charities or causes that align with those and they will be able to better understand their impact as well as give them motivation to save then share.

Explain how their giving will make an impact.

Children, especially at a young age, can’t always comprehend the direct impact they are making. It’s important for parents to explain where the money, or items, will go after leaving their hands.

Match their Share money.

Matching funds your child gives to charity can show the importance of sharing and the impact it can make. It will also show that you think their sharing is important also.

Encourage giving back in other ways.

Giving back doesn't always mean donating money—encourage your child to donate old toys or clothes, even volunteering their time can make a huge impact.


Instill philanthropic values.

As a parent you have the chance to teach your child to not only manage their money to benefit themselves but to also benefit their community. You can instill philanthropic values in your children that will last a lifetime. For information on how you can give back in your community through Dupaco's R.W. Hoefer Foundation, visit