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A healthy partnership: ‘Our dreams are coming true’
After experiencing her own health crisis, one Dupaco member shifted her business' focus to offer alternative treatments to her community.
Stephanie Grutz, Alex Goerdt and their daughter Lainey, in front of their new location of The Health Spa, in Peosta, Iowa. (T.McDermott/Dupaco photo)

PEOSTA, Iowa—As a nurse practitioner, Stephanie Grutz always took a traditional approach to healthcare—in her clinic and her personal life.

Until she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.

No matter how much she ate, she couldn’t gain weight. And she constantly felt weak and tired. Her gut wasn’t absorbing the nutrients it needed.

“I had never heard of IV therapy until my own health depended on it,” said Stephanie, a Dupaco member.

After finding success with nutritional IV therapy, Stephanie knew she could help others. At her clinic, she shifted her focus to integrative health and began offering IV therapy to her patients.

And business blossomed.

Stephanie and Alex Goerdt first opened the clinic in 2016 with the help of Dupaco. In the beginning, Stephanie was the sole employee. But over time, business grew. They added staff and expanded their hours.

They wanted to continue growing, but they needed more space. Eventually, they found the perfect location in Peosta for the future site of The Health Spa.

Inspiring wellness

Once again, they turned to Dupaco. As longtime members, Stephanie and Alex were good savers. And they felt confident that their financial cooperative would provide them with the resources to succeed.

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“They are partners with us,” Stephanie said. “Knowing that they were taking our best interest into mind is what made us choose them for our future projects as well.”

Dupaco’s Olivia Burger walked them through the expansion process and helped them every step of the way.

“The best thing about working with Dupaco is that not only did they help supply funds for the facility, but they also showed us other available opportunities out in the small business community that could help us reduce our loan rate,” Stephanie said.

After a yearlong construction project, The Health Spa opened its doors in Peosta in 2023. The clinic provides IV nutritional services, including IV therapy, IM injection therapy, ozone therapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

And the owners are thrilled to provide these services to their community.

“The Health Spa is finally a reality,” Stephanie said. “And thanks to Dupaco, we are here. And our dreams are coming true.”