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How You’re Helping People By Saving At Your Credit Union Dupaco member Anna Grimm visits with Dupaco’s Jake Bemis on May 28 at the credit union’s San Marnan Learning Lab in Waterloo, Iowa. (B. Pollock photo)

How you’re helping people by saving at your credit union

It pays to save, putting you on a path to a brighter financial future. And at a cooperative like Dupaco, the money you save is helping people, too.

Here’s how: At a credit union, your savings—big and small—are used to help fund other members’ loans. Those loans are used to make purchases, recycling the money right back into your community—helping power it, too.

Every savings tool leads to the same cooperative cycle.

So, whether you incrementally save for specific purchases or experiences through Dupaco’s Holiday Club or You-Name-It Savings accounts, or you systematically save through direct deposit, automatic transfers or ChangeUp Savings, your credit union uses your money for good.

Not only are you saving for your goals, but you’re helping fund loans for your fellow members, too. It’s people helping people.

And that’s the credit union difference.

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