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While our goal is always to help our members navigate life’s bumps and get back on the right financial road, we sometimes have to repossess vehicles. To place a bid on a vehicle or for more listing information, email us at or call us at 800-373-7600, ext. 208.

Here’s how bidding works:

  • Bids must be equal to or higher than the minimum bid amount listed
  • Three separate bids/bidders are required to initiate the auction sale
  • The highest bidder will be granted the right to purchase the unit

We are currently accepting bids on:

YearMake/ModelVINMinimum Bid1Date AvailableMileageLocation
2014Ford F1501FTFW1ET0EFC44639$13,00007/19/2024109,120Hiawatha, IA
2012Chrysler 2001C3CCBAB6CN155387$1,22507/21/2024153,259Parkersburg, IA
2004Ford F2501FTNW21P84EC17171$5,10007/22/2024UnknownCuba City, WI
2017Jaguar XESAJAJ4BV2HCP10692$8,12507/24/2024UnknownCuba City, WI
2017Chevrolet Equinox2GNFLFEK3H6304156$4,60007/25/2024143,857Hiawatha, IA
2017Chrysler Pacifica2C4RC1DG4HR551495$2,82507/25/2024187,928Parkersburg, IA
2021Kia K55XXG64J27MG024210$20,10007/25/202457,982Parkersburg, IA
2014Chevrolet Silverado3GCUKRECXEG280550$7,57507/25/2024UnknownDes Moines, IA
2017Dodge Grand Caravan2C4RDGBG2HR554513$2,80007/25/2024152,308Bettendorf, IA
2014Ford Focus1FADP3F22EL458979$1,20007/28/2024150,990Parkersburg, IA
2020Nissan Sentra3N1AB8CV6LY212984$12,10007/29/202457,079Cuba City, WI
2021Chrysler Voyager2C4RC1DG1MR502698$15,80008/05/202494,941Cuba City, WI
1Minimum Bid: All vehicles will be sold "as-is" and "where-is". Bids will be taken, but units will not be available until the Available Date. The price listed is the least amount Dupaco will sell for. Please submit bids to Dupaco Community Credit Union (800) 373-7600 / (563) 557-7600, extension 208.
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