Student Loans

When federal aid just isn't enough—We're here to help!

We've partnered with CU Student Choice to meet our members' needs for funding the cost of higher education through Dupaco's Extra Credit Student Loan. 

The cost of college continues to rise, Dupaco is offering a private student loan solution.

Students planning to attend college are often faced with a gap in funding to pay for school–the gap created when grants, scholarships, and state and federal aid don't cover the full cost. This can leave students scrambling to figure out how to pay the remainder.

To help students cover this gap, Dupaco offers the Extra Credit Student Loan, a private loan that features:

  • Convenient line of credit structure that lets you apply once and secure financing for up to five years (Subject to qualification and annual credit review)
  • No origination fee and no prepayment fee
  • Favorable interest rates
  • Simple one-time online application
  • Deferment of principle and interest while in school
  • Flexible repayment terms including graduated repayment for two years

Prior to obtaining a private student loan, it is in your best interest to first consider all other applicable forms of federal, state and institutional financial aid for which you are eligible, including federal student loans. To explore these other funding options, you should work with financial aid professionals at your respective college or university. Accepting a private loan before utilizing other types of aid available may decrease your eligibility for federal, state and institutional aid.

Apply for a Student Loan today!  Learn more and apply

Not in school anymore? Consider refinancing!

Dealing with making payments on several student loans is stressful. Ease your mind and potentially your wallet by refinancing and consolidating your student loans from one or more lenders—allowing you to walk away with a single student loan payment that you can manage with Dupaco.

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Whether you're heading to college, or are a recent graduate, Dupaco believes in helping you get financially ahead through free one-on-one Money Makeovers, student loan options, and scholarship opportunities. In addition, we have the following wealth of resources available:

Read It
Reality check: The real cost of education
Survival tips from a recent college grad

Print It
Education Planning Toolkit
Break it down: What will college really cost you?

Watch It
Life After Graduation video playlist

iGrad: Financial Literacy and Career Resources

As well as offering our resources, Dupaco has partnered with iGrad to offer you the best financial education tools and resources available so you can make an informed decision about your college financing options.

iGrad is an interactive website in which you can benefit from:

  • Thousands of videos, articles and infographics, as well as learn with interactive modules
  • Receive student loan help with balance reminders, FAFSA help, scholarship assistance, and repayment calculators
  • Develop your career with a job search engine, resume analyzers and cover letter assistance
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