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Although financing your education may seem overwhelming at times, many types of financial aid are available, including a supplemental private loan from Dupaco.

We've partnered with Aspire Servicing Center® to meet our members' needs for funding the cost of higher education through Dupaco's Extra Credit Loan program.

Dupaco's Extra Credit Loan is a private student loan designed to supplement—not replace—federal, state and institutional financial aid to cover your expenses. It is available to students attending any eligible college or university provided all other eligibility requirements are met.

Dupaco Community Credit Union requests that you and your parents work with financial aid professionals at your respective college or university to ensure that you have first applied for all applicable forms of federal, state and institutional financial aid for which you are eligible, including federal student loans, prior to obtaining a private student loan. Accepting a private loan before utilizing other types of aid available may decrease your eligibility for federal, state and institutional aid.

Dupaco's Extra Credit Student Loan features:

  • Payment plan options to best fit your financial situation.
  • A cosigner release after 48 months of on-time payments as long as the borrower meets the underwriting and credit criteria at the time the cosigner release is requested.

To be considered for an Extra Credit Student Loan, applicants must:

  • Be a member or become a member of Dupaco Community Credit Union. Note: Once Dupaco Community Credit Union receives the loan application, applicants have 30 days to finalize their membership with the credit union.
  • Be the age of majority in their state of residence at the time of application.
  • Not have defaulted on any private or government education loan.
  • Be attending any nonprofit, Title IV eligible, degree-granting, regionally accredited college, university or nonprofit school of nursing
  • Be accepted, enrolled or attending on at least a half-time basis, as defined by the school, and making satisfactory academic progress in an eligible education program.
  • Be a citizen or permanent resident of the United State. Cosigner(s) must be citizens or permanent residents of the United States.
Comments (6)
 • 225 days 1 hr 41 mins 36 secs ago
I want to try to apply for a loan in my own name do I need a job to do that or I still need a cosigner

Re: co-signer
Dupaco Moderator
 • 224 days 23 hrs 28 mins 21 secs ago

Hi Asia, someone from our loan department will reach out to you.


 • 225 days 1 hr 41 mins 36 secs ago
I want to try to apply for a loan in my own name do I need a job to do that or I still need a cosigner

Re: co-signer
Dupaco Moderator
 • 224 days 23 hrs 28 mins 21 secs ago

Hi Asia, someone from our loan department will reach out to you.


Student Loan
 • 377 days 8 hrs 36 mins 24 secs ago
I am currently working full time and must leave my position of 10.5 years will be working part time to finish my nursing degree, what are my options for help with school and monthly expenses. I made too much last year to receive any federal help. Please help

Re: Student Loan
Dupaco Moderator
 • 377 days 4 hrs 20 mins 37 secs ago

Hi Holly, you can contact our Consumer Loan department at 563-557-7600 / 800-373-7600, extension 202 about student loan options. Thanks!


private vs. parent plus
Debbie B
 • 649 days 6 hrs 20 mins 30 secs ago
We are eligible to take out another parent plus loan for the 3rd year but are considering having our daughter, in her junior year, take out a private loan in her name along with her federal student loans. What are the downfalls?

Re: private vs. parent plus
Dupaco Moderator
 • 648 days 5 hrs 42 mins 54 secs ago

Hi Debbie, first off, we highly encourage your daughter to exhaust any federal grant and scholarship opportunities in order to save on money that goes into student loans. After that, a federal student loan is the best opportunity as it will have a lower interest rate than a private loan. Also, many federal student loans hold any repayment off until the time of graduation. If you have any additional questions regarding student and personal loans, please don't hesitate to call our Consumer Loan department at 800-373-7600 or 563-557-7600 ext. 202.


 • 650 days 22 hrs 26 mins 38 secs ago
I am currently looking to consolidate all of my private student loans into one, I was wondering if this is possible through this program or if you have any other recommendations.

Re: consolidation
Dupaco Moderator
 • 650 days 8 hrs 2 secs ago

Hi Lindsey, thanks for your interest in our student loan program. Because each case is different, please give our Consumer Loan department a call at 800-373-7600 or 563-557-7600 ext. 202 or you can drop by any branch and sit down with a lender.


University of Phoenix
 • 770 days 20 hrs 34 mins 52 secs ago
I am currently trying to find a loan to cover what is left after my financial aid at the University of Phoenix. I wanted to know if that is a school that I would be able to apply for a loan for? I have noticed that they are not on a lot of lenders' lists.

Re: University of Phoenix
Dupaco Moderator
 • 767 days 3 hrs 54 mins 51 secs ago

The University of Phoenix is a ‚Ęfor-profit university‚Ä™, and our student loan program is not currently set up to lend to those institutions. Thank you for inquiring!


student loans
david neumann
 • 986 days 6 hrs 2 mins 32 secs ago
looking for a loan for my daughter,attending U.N.I. next week.like to get her on her own ,for credit history,

Re: student loans
Dupaco Moderator
 • 986 days 4 hrs 31 mins 14 secs ago

Hi David, Understanding credit score is always a good start. Why don't you and your daughter schedule a free credit history lesson with our staff? You can schedule an appointment at the branch of your choice on this page: /credit-history.html. Let me know if you have questions. You can contact me, Lexie, at Lhemesath@dupaco.com.


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