What is compound interest?

Keep your savings growing with compound interest. When interest is added to the principal of a deposit which also earns interest, this is called compounding. With compounding, you'll see your account grow more quickly. Compound interest is the type of interest that you are looking for when it comes to investing money.

Earn interest on your interest.

With compound interest, saving a little bit now means earning a lot more interest later. Einstein called it "one of the most powerful forces in nature," and it's true. Like a snowball, the more you add to what is there, the more it grows...and grows...and grows...

It pays to start saving now

Calculate the benefits of compounding interest

Calculate the benefits of compounding

Compound interest needs time to really work its magic. Play around with this interactive calculator to see how compound interest can have a great impact on the interest earned by your account and how your savings grow.

Compound interest means earning interest on your interest

Ready to start saving?

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