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Our Thank Use campaign is a way to demonstrate the power of Dupaco’s member-owned, cooperative structure. The more members use Dupaco, the more everyone grows and benefits. Thank Use pays you for your participation—the more you use Dupaco, the more you’re thanked! When we work together everyone wins.

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Thank Use

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When we work together everyone wins–and to that end, our group goal is a co-opportunity for all members to earn even more Thank Use. If the entire credit union surpasses 12.5 million swipes with Dupaco debit and/or credit cards, eligible members with an active Dupaco checking account will receive additional Thank Use! Encourage your friends and family to participate in the cooperative:


Here’s how you can participate to unlock Thank Use:

QUALIFICATIONS: Personal member with an active personal checking account and a primary savings account minimum balance of $25.00 or more on 9/30/17. 
INELIGIBILITY: The following are not eligible: personal members with a loan or deposit charge-off in 2017, personal members with a loan delinquent by 60 days or more as of 9/30/17, or personal members with a negative checking account balance for 30 or more days as of 9/30/17; business members and trust members with an EIN; business accounts under personal memberships.
PAYOUT: Thank Use posts to the member’s primary savings account on 10/19/17 and may be reportable on IRS form 1099-MISC. 

LIMITATIONS: To receive Thank Use, membership on 10/19/17 is required. Account relationship, loan and deposit balances, and number of transactions are based on a single member number and cannot be combined or shared with other member numbers. 
ACTIVE PERSONAL CHECKING DEFINITION: Must meet one of the following criteria: a.) If member has direct deposit into checking account, then 5 or more check, debit, or automated clearing house (ACH) transactions are required on or before 9/30/17 OR b.) If member does not have direct deposit into checking account, then member must have 10 check transactions, or 8 debit transactions, or 5 automated clearing house (ACH) transactions, or 3 bill pay transactions on or before 9/30/17.





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