Opportunity Passport teaches at risk teens how to save

Checking & Savings

Don't have enough savings for a rainy day? Come to Dupaco where you'll save enough green to fertilize your savings account and help your community. Dupaco's sustainable money methods put members' money to work locally by providing friends and neighbors low-cost loans, funding for small businesses and a whole lot more. What's more, through free Money Makeovers and Credit History Lessons, we'll sleuth savings everywhere and every way possible to put the most green back in your pocket and keep it recycling.

Some call that smart money. We call it Bright Green.  Bright Green

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past records
tom clark
 • 18 days 10 hrs 36 mins 59 secs ago
How do I access past records befor april 1st .

past records
tom clark
 • 18 days 10 hrs 36 mins 59 secs ago
How do I access past records befor april 1st .

Re: past records
Dupaco Moderator
 • 17 days 17 hrs 42 mins 47 secs ago

Currently, you will not find your transactions before April 1 online. A statement for your March transactions will be mailed to you soon. In May, you will have the ability to view past statements via Dupaco's Online Banking. We are in the process of transferring this data.


Security Fee & New Checks
Teresa Flack
 • 18 days 16 hrs 49 mins 59 secs ago
I never asked for the security fee but was charged it in the past. How do I stop it from being taken out now? Also, how long are our ICCU checks valid with the old routing number?

need new log in information
Diana Duitsman
 • 18 days 17 hrs 11 mins 13 secs ago
how do I access my account on-line?

Can not log in
Rosann Rupp
 • 40 days 16 hrs 21 mins 26 secs ago
I put in my account number and It can not open my accout. Says' search not found/

sign in
jim gatewood
 • 49 days 17 hrs 41 mins 2 secs ago
why does it take me between 3 & 5 times to sign in????????????? also when trying to check transactions or anything else it takes me back to the sign in screen

Re: sign in
Dupaco Moderator
 • 18 days 17 hrs 28 mins 45 secs ago

Jim, we will have someone from our IT department contact you shortly. Thanks!


new web site
dorothy paulson
 • 136 days 14 hrs 1 min 42 secs ago
this is terrible. I can't find my shine on line banking. I don't need all this other junk

Re: new web site
Dupaco Moderator
 • 18 days 17 hrs 23 mins 11 secs ago

Dorothy, sorry to hear you are having trouble finding Shine. You can now enter your username right from our homepage, www.dupaco.com. Get to the homepage from here by clicking the Dupaco logo in the top left of this page.


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