Making room for another child or aging parents. Turning your backyard into a staycation oasis. Making your home more cost-efficient with new windows, new insulation or the addition of solar panels. Inviting your kitchen to join you in this decade. There are lots of reasons to make home improvements. The catch is figuring out what you can afford to do – and that’s where Dupaco can help.

Tips for Your Toolkit

Shop around. Compare prices and reviews to get the best deal with both materials and contractors.

Know your limits. Online videos can teach you how to do a lot of things, but sometimes it pays to get help from an expert.

Invest wisely. Think about how your project will benefit not just you, but the long term value of your home.

How Should I Pay For It?

If you know your home needs some work, it’s a good idea to open a savings account dedicated to home improvements. But if your repairs or upgrades can’t wait, there are several financing options to consider. Big box stores usually offer store credit cards and financing programs, but beware of high rates – if they’re offering you a discount on materials or labor, be sure they aren’t making up for it somewhere else. Using your own credit card to pay for expenses can help you earn points (if you have a rewards card), but it’s only a good idea if you can pay your charges in full each month to avoid interest. For home improvement projects that cost more than you have saved or more than you can pay off all at once, it’s a good idea to look into home improvement loans, home equity loans and personal loans.