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Protecting our members from fraud is a responsibility we take very seriously. That’s why we’ve partnered with IBM® Security to offer you free protection with Trusteer Rapport.

Trusteer Rapport is software that helps you prevent thieves from stealing your personal and/or financial information online by protection you against malware (malicious software). It works in conjunction with any antivirus software you already have to help you protect yourself.

Why We Offer Trusteer Rapport for Free

Dupaco works hard to keep your online banking information secure. But how secure is the computer you’re using to access your account? Even if you have antivirus software, it’s probably not designed to protect you against attempts to steal your financial information. Trusteer Rapport is specifically designed to protect your computer against potential risks of financial malware.

When downloaded and enabled, Trusteer Rapport will protect you against two types of fraudulent attacks:

Malware is a type of virus that can be downloaded to your computer without your permission or knowledge. Any time you browse the internet, you’re at risk of malware infecting your computer. Once it has been installed, financial malware captures your login information for criminals. It can also make changes to your transactions without being detected.

Criminals build fake websites that look very similar to a financial institution or e-commerce website to lure the user into submitting online banking login information or other sensitive data. This is later used to access the user’s account or make unauthorized purchases.

How Trusteer Rapport Works

Once you have downloaded and installed Trusteer Rapport, it will run silently in the background to:

  • Protect your internet connection and ensure safe communication with Dupaco’s website;
  • Remove existing financial malware from your computer immediately;
  • Prevent financial malware infections; and
  • Stop phishing attacks from stealing your login credentials and data.

Once it’s installed, Trusteer Rapport is always working for you. It will automatically run in the background on your computer at all times, unless you stop or uninstall it. Trusteer Rapport will also automatically run updates; no action on your part is required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Started with Trusteer Rapport


You must log into Shine Online Banking in order to download the Trusteer Rapport software. In Shine, you will see a download window.

Get started with Trusteer Rapport

Click on Download Now. Depending on which internet browser you’re using, you’ll be asked to run, save or download a file named RapportSetup.exe to proceed with the download.


Once the Trusteer Rapport software has been downloaded to your computer, locate and open the RapportSetup.exe file. On-screen instructions will help you proceed with the installation of the software.

Set Up

Following a successful installation of Trusteer Rapport, a setup wizard will walk you through acceptance of the terms and conditions of use. You’re on your way to being protected from financial malware and other online threats!

For technical support and additional help, visit Trusteer Support.

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