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Dupaco members like you are money ahead. That’s because we share our success with our member-owners — not some elite group of stockholders. By using your credit union’s services — loans, savings, investment and insurance services and more — you’re boosting your financial well-being.

In 2019, Dupaco provided its membership more than $50 million in value — that’s an average of $461 per member!*

Save even more with Dupaco

This savings summary shows the value of a Dupaco membership in 2019. These amounts are estimated, annualized savings based on rate and fee comparisons between Dupaco and local banks.

ProductAverage Savings
Certificates of Deposit$633
Money Market$455
Credit Card$126
Auto Loan$382
Consumer Loan$42
Home Equity$365

Your Money For Good

  • Dupaco members shared nearly $12.3 million in Thank Use dividends since 2016.
  • The credit union provided more than 11,493 free Dupaco Credit History Lessons in 2019 to help members understand their credit.
  • Staff performed more than 4,399 free Dupaco Money Makeovers in 2019. These 45-minute one-on-one sessions help individuals identify ways to cut costs and free up money to systematically save for a brighter future. For anyone—members AND nonmembers.

Services in Your Best Interest

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How we did the Average Savings math

CalculateAverage Savings amounts reflect estimated, annualized savings based on comparisons between Dupaco and local banks. Information is for illustrative purposes only. To calculate, we compared 11/30/2019 account balance(s), rate(s), term(s), and fee(s) with area banks for each particular product and pro-rated the results for a 12-month period. Banks without comparable products, terms, and tiers were excluded. Dupaco members under age 18, business memberships, are business accounts were also excluded. Mathematical formulas vary slightly by account type.

*These calculations are based on the sum of a.) account rate and fee comparisons between Dupaco and local banks (for each particular product) and b.) actual promotions and dividends received by members. Business accounts were excluded.
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