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Debt Consolidation:
Got a credit card balance that won't go away?

Let’s fix that with a Dupaco debt consolidation loan. We have competitive rates and 1:1 guidance you need to help simplify your life and potentially avoid the monthly interest and fees.

Applying for a debt consolidation loan is easy. Just log in to your Shine account and we’ll walk you through the application!

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Reduce your debt stress

A debt consolidation loan could combine multiple debts (including your credit card debt!) into a single loan. It may allow you to pay your debts off faster, lower your interest rate and save some green! Sounds nice, right? We think so too! Here’s what you could expect when you consolidate your loans:

Make one easy payment
No more managing multiple payments each month.

Reduce your list of loans
Paying fewer creditors may help increase your score.

Potentially lower monthly payments
Pay less and save more with potentially a lower interest rate.

We’re here to help discover all of your potential savings by consolidating high-interest debt. Apply today and we’ll help you develop a plan that’s right on the money.

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Crunch your own numbers and see how consolidating your debt could lower your monthly payments and save you money:

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Debt Consolidation Stories
by Dupaco Members

Saved $550 per month
One Dupaco family used the equity in their vehicle to consolidate their credit card balance, a personal loan and auto loan into one low-interest loan, saving them $550 per month.

Only one monthly payment
One Dupaco couple was able to consolidate mounting credit card debt into a personal loan, using their vehicle as collateral. Instead of multiple payments, they make one monthly payment to their credit union—at a significantly lower interest rate.

Learn how to interpret your credit score
Increased credit score
Within a few short months of consolidating their debt, one couple’s credit scores skyrocketed, allowing them to buy their first home.

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We’ll work with you 1:1 to find and recommend ways for you to save and get ahead!

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