ID Restoration

Identity theft is when someone uses a person’s financial or personal information without permission and uses an existing financial account, opens new accounts, or commits fraud using that person’s identity. Identity theft is a pervasive problem that affects millions of Americans each year.

We're in this together.

While Dupaco takes proactive measures to help deter and detect fraud on member accounts, it's essential that you monitor your credit report and financial accounts—at Dupaco and elsewhere—for suspicious activity and transactions. Here's how you can stay on top of your information:
  1. Log in to Shine Online Banking on a regular basis to check you account activity.
  2. Use Dupaco's eNotifier account alerts to get alerted of account activity from your smartphone.
  3. Sign up for Dupaco's Bright Track credit monitoring service within Shine Online Banking. It's a free benefit for Dupaco members, lets you review you credit score and report any time, and notifies you when there's a change in credit activity.
  4. Finally, you can request your credit report annually through, which can also alert you to accounts opened fraudulently in your name.

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Dupaco has also partnered with Deluxe® to give you additional resources to help respond to identity theft and fraud, in the unfortunate event you become a victim.

At $1.95 per month, the Family ID Restoration coverage from Deluxe will provide you a Certified Resolution Specialist to help restore your identity as recommended by the Federal Trade Commission, including working with credit bureaus, the Social Security Administration, the U.S. Postal Service, the police department, the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Internal Revenue Service and your financial institution(s).

The restoration coverage also extends to the spouse or domestic partner of the account holder, dependent children under the age of 21 who live with the account holder, and dependent children under the age of 25 who are full-time students. In addition, you will be eligible for up to $25,000 in expense reimbursement assistance.

To enroll in Family ID Restoration coverage, contact a Dupaco member service representative at (563) 557-7600 / 800-373-7600, ext. 206, or complete the enrollment form and return it to Dupaco.

Need access to your existing Deluxe dashboard?

If you are already enrolled in coverage, you can log in to Deluxe's fraud protection dashboard now.

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