Money Clips

Get your financial stuff together!

Dupaco is a cooperative that is committed to offering sound financial advice to members and nonmembers alike in many formats, from Money Makeovers to seminars and educational tips and tools.

As an additional source of financial information and guidance, Money Clips is a series of short video segments intended to help you navigate life's events and keep you on solid financial footing.

Planning Your Final Arrangements

Planning your final arrangements means making sure you have plans in place for the unfortunate possibility you are unable to care for yourself or the eventual time of your death. In this Money Clips video, Dupaco's Tami Rechtenbach and Lisa Kruser help guide you through formalizing your wishes. READ MORE

Financial Checkup

Your financial well-being benefits from regular checkups, just like your physical well-being. In this Money Clips video, Dupaco's Tami Rechtenbach and Michelle Becwar explain what a financial checkup entails. READ MORE

Your Money On the Go

Get at your money from wherever you are. Dupaco's Carrie Culbertson and Rachel Keeler explain the variety of ways Dupaco members can connect with their money on the go.


Understand the basics of budgeting with the help of Dupaco's Nancy Laugesen and Brittany Muntz.

Managing Debt

It's important to manage your debt no matter the amount. Take an active role in managing your debt by knowing your options and having a plan in place with the help of Dupaco's Erin Engler and Leslie Biver.

Money Makeover

Knowledge is power and knowing your own personal financial position will help you to improve or maintain financial success throughout your lifetime. Dupaco's Jill Rothenberger and Andrew Houy provide information on what a Money Makeover is and how it can help you.

In Crisis - Financial Hard Times

Unfortunately, we all have the possibility of going through tough financial times. Dupaco's Lisa Elskamp and Dawn Kress share some advice to ease your financial fears by being prepared. 

Pay Yourself First

The habit of paying yourself first ensures that your financial goals are on track before life happens. Dupaco's Sam Walser and Spencer Smith offer some tips on how you can make saving a priority by paying yourself first.

Financial Habits to Establish in Your 20's

Managing your finances for the first time can be overwhelming, the sooner you start making a financial plan for yourself the brighter your future will be. Find out what RJ Montes' and Melissa King's tips are for getting control of your financial habits.

Talking to Your Teen About Money

Dupaco's Kevin Weber and Paula Ervolino discuss how and why parents should teach their teens the skills to manage money as they become more and more independent.

The Dupaco Difference

Dupaco Community Credit Union is a member-owned cooperative whose vibrant history and culture sets it apart from other financials. Find out what makes Dupaco different as Joe Hearn, Renee Poppe, and Deb Schroeder share their insights. 

Shared Love, Shared Finances

Getting married? Dupaco's Digger Kurt and Alison Muir offer some advice on how to navigate your financial future as a couple. 

Live the frugal life

Every little bit counts! Dupaco's Tammy Wood and Ali Hunzeker give tips on how to live more frugally.

Are you ready to buy a home?

In the market to buy a home? Dupaco's Sarah Paulson and Tressa Tracy talk about what to expect as you start the home buying process. 

Insurance: Insurance Policy Tips

How often should I review my insurance policies? Dupaco Insurance Services' Ken Bowers and Brian Lyons have the answer! 

Insurance: Life Insurance Tips

Do I need life insurance? Dupaco Insurance Services' Ken Bowers and Brian Lyons suggest sooner rather than later!

Insurance: Auto Insurance Tips

Dupaco Insurance Services' Ken Bowers and Brian Lyons provide you with auto insurance tips that will safeguard your vehicle.

Insurance: Home Insurance Tips

Dupaco Insurance Services' Ken Bowers and Brian Lyons provide you with home insurance tips to make sure your insuring your home with adequate coverage.

Identity Theft

Becoming a victim of fraud is the last thing any one wants to experience. Dupaco's Jill Gogel and Karla Burkle walk you through how to spot fraud and the actions to take.

What's Your Financial Style?

Dupaco's Andrew Houy and Kelly Ruegnitz explain various financial styles and how Dupaco works with members to improve their financial position.

The Basics of Car Buying

Dupaco's Jim Doyle and Leslie Biver walk you through the car buying process and how you benefit from getting pre-approved. 


Your Cred-ability

Dupaco's Erin Engler and Robert Daughters explain what credit is and how it boosts your purchasing power.


Managing Your Student Loan Debt

Wondering how the heck you're going to afford to eat while repaying student loans? Dupaco's Brittany Muntz and Tami Rechtenbach talk about repayment options and making a post-graduation budget work. 


Prepping for College Costs

Dupaco's Jared Levy and Jill Rothenberger talk about the costs of college, scholarships and grants, and financial aid.