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As a Dupaco member, you can protect your personal information online against fraud and identity theft with free software called Trusteer Rapport.

Dupaco takes exhaustive steps to protect the information transmitted when members use online banking so that it is not intercepted by unauthorized parties. With the addition of Trusteer Rapport software, the computers our members use can also be protected against potential risks of financial malware that other anti-virus software is not designed to combat.

Trusteer Rapport is owned by IBM – a trusted name in security solutions. After thorough research, Dupaco concluded the company and the software meets our safety and security standards.

Trusteer Rapport will ONLY be made available for download through Shine Online Banking after your successful log in.

No. As an alternative, you can close the download window, or choose Remind Me Later. Because we feel strongly that this software will offer you added fraud protection, those who skip the software download will be presented the Trusteer Rapport download splash window every seven days while logged in to Shine Online Banking.

Typically, we would tell you to avoid downloading files from the internet, especially if you do not know the file’s origin. Therefore, for your protection and peace of mind, we’re making the file download for Trusteer Rapport available ONLY within Shine Online Banking. After log in, you’ll be presented a window with the option of downloading the Trusteer Rapport software.

It is likely that your installation of the software was unsuccessful or incomplete. In this case, click download, and follow the steps at left all the way through set up.

Yes. When you log in to Shine Online Banking from a computer that has not yet been protected with Trusteer Rapport software, the download window will appear, prompting you to download the software.

No. Dupaco is making Trusteer Rapport completely free to members who are enrolled in Shine Online Banking.

No. Trusteer Rapport will automatically run in the background on your computer at all times, unless you stop or uninstall it.

Yes. A thorough and up-to-date listing of compatible operating systems can be found at

No. Trusteer Rapport will capture your Shine login ID; however, your login ID is stored in encrypted format and cannot be decrypted by IBM Security.

Whereas most anti-virus and malware solutions will not protect against financial malware, Trusteer Rapport is optimized to protect against financial malware that steals login credentials and financial information.

Definitely not. Anti-virus programs can protect against viruses that interfere with or slow down a computer. Therefore, anti-virus protection should be used in conjunction with Trusteer Rapport.

To know whether the webpage you’re visiting is a Trusteer Rapport-protected page, look at the web browser’s address bar, where the Trusteer Rapport arrow will be displayed. If the arrow is green, it IS a page being protected by Trusteer Rapport. If the arrow is gray, it IS NOT a page being protected, in which case you can click on the gray arrow and select “Protect this website.” This action will ensure that all activity on this page will be safeguarded by Trusteer Rapport.

A webpage protected by Trusteer Rapport will display the GREEN arrow.

Trusteer Rapport - Website Protected Image

A webpage NOT protected by Trusteer Rapport will display the GREY arrow.

Trusteer Rapport - Website Not Protected Image

Yes. Trusteer Rapport delivers information on threats and may recommend actions to take. This information can be viewed through the Trusteer Rapport console, accessible by clicking on the arrow near the web browser’s address bar.

Performance speed will not be affected. In some cases, Trusteer Rapport will warn you that a particular webpage you’re trying to reach may pose a risk, in which case you can decide whether to proceed. In addition, for added protection Trusteer Rapport will obstruct behavior that is often used by malware, such as taking screen captures of browser windows. In these instances, you may be able to adjust the settings in the Trusteer Console, or you can manually stop Trusteer Rapport from running. These actions will reduce the level of protection, or stop protecting the computer altogether if you opt to stop running Trusteer Rapport.

No. At this time, Dupaco is offering Trusteer Rapport to protect desktop computers only.

No. Trusteer Rapport will automatically run updates; no action on your part is required.

A robust question-and-answer bank exists on the Trusteer Rapport website at Through this website you can also chat with Trusteer Rapport experts or request a return call from their support team. Trusteer Rapport staff will never ask for your Dupaco account information.

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