Insurance Resources

Insurance isn't always the most top-of-mind topic for the majority of us. This makes looking into policy options much more daunting than it really is. But since insurance is very important for everyone, we have a few resources to help ease your mind on the process and answer a few questions you may have.

Have questions that our resources don't answer for you? Call Dupaco Insurance Services at 563-557-7600 / 800-373-7600, extension 210, or send us an email at

How often should I review my insurance policies? Dupaco Insurance Services' Ken Bowers and Brian Lyons have the answer below! Interested in a FREE review? Request one today!

When's the last time you perused your policy?

Whether it’s finally getting around to finishing that basement or preparing to send a child off to college, some family milestones are worth a call to your insurance agent. Checking in with your insurer will assure that you are properly insured, and it could save you some money...READ MORE

Why it doesn't pay to eliminate insurance

When you’re trying to cut costs, where do you scale back? Dropping insurance coverage to (in theory) save money can prove to be a costly decision, sacrificing basic protection and more...READ MORE

10 ways to lower your insurance costs

It pays to be prepared. Insurance is an important part of your financial life. But it comes with a price, and many policy owners have seen their premiums increase. Here are 10 ways to cut your costs without cutting corners on your coverage...READ MORE

High premiums don't equal a premium policy

It’s not uncommon for Dupaco members to save hundreds— sometimes even thousands—in annual premiums by moving their insurance policies to Dupaco Insurance Services. So, what gives? How can there be such a huge difference in premiums?  READ MORE

Auto Insurance: What to do following an accident

There's nothing soothing about a fender-bender.  But staying calm can save you money in the long run. Insurance experts advise following some simple steps to help protect you in the claims process...READ MORE

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