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Visa account info has changed
 • 8 days 6 hrs 3 mins 15 secs ago
ok, since the new online format, I am not able to find my visa account statement previous month balance. It does show the current balance.

Re: Visa account info has changed
Dupaco Moderator
 • 6 days 5 hrs 20 mins 39 secs ago

Hi John, to access your Visa info, you have to first click on the card. Then, you'll be able to see your info on the right hand side.


Visa account info has changed
 • 8 days 6 hrs 3 mins 15 secs ago
ok, since the new online format, I am not able to find my visa account statement previous month balance. It does show the current balance.

Re: Visa account info has changed
Dupaco Moderator
 • 6 days 5 hrs 20 mins 39 secs ago

Hi John, to access your Visa info, you have to first click on the card. Then, you'll be able to see your info on the right hand side.


 • 46 days 12 hrs 18 mins 39 secs ago
Do you have to be a member of Dupaco to apply for your loans?

Re: Loan
Dupaco Moderator
 • 46 days 9 hrs 11 mins 52 secs ago

Hi Delores, yes, you have to be a member of the credit union to get our loans. Becoming a member is easy - we'll have someone reach out to you!


Debit card
Alisyn parkhurst
 • 121 days 1 hr 57 secs ago
How old must you be to get a debit card here?

Re: Debit card
Dupaco Moderator
 • 111 days 2 hrs 10 mins 5 secs ago

Hi Alisyn, members must be at least 15 years of age and have an account in good standing to obtain a MoneyCard debit card.


Rate match
 • 128 days 9 hrs 12 mins 30 secs ago
Will Dupaco match a loan or deposit rate of another area credit union?

Re: Rate match
Dupaco Moderator
 • 103 days 10 hrs 4 mins 41 secs ago

We may match rates for members. It would be decided on a case by case basis. The depth of a member's relationship with Dupaco will be factored in as part of the decision.


Miranda R.
 • 169 days 10 hrs 40 mins 34 secs ago
What happened to the ability to message? I can't find the option to message like I used to. So frustrated right now. The app functions occasionally, but usually kicks me off and I have to log back in. The automated call line is extremely irritating to work with...

Re: Communication?
Dupaco Moderator
 • 167 days 7 hrs 29 mins 20 secs ago

Hi Miranda, There are a couple options for online communication with Dupaco. Our chat function is available during business hours, and the easiest way to get to it is through Shine Online Banking (available only on the desktop version of the site at this time). Another option is to send a secure message through Shine. This is available both on mobile and desktop versions of Shine. Regarding our app, for troubleshooting we recommend you call the credit union so that we can provide assistance, and we apologize your experience has not been better.


Online app
 • 179 days 9 hrs 59 mins 5 secs ago
Is there an issue with the online app? it keeps telling me that I have an internet connection error and to contact the financial institution

Re: Online app
Dupaco Moderator
 • 173 days 4 hrs 13 mins 7 secs ago

Hi Marty, thanks for letting us know. We will have someone reach out to you to troubleshoot.


Pay pause and direct deposit
 • 188 days 12 hrs 26 mins 50 secs ago
I signed up for pay pause but have my payments through direct deposit when can i expect my payment to be deposited back into my account?

Re: Pay pause and direct deposit
Dupaco Moderator
 • 188 days 6 hrs 46 mins 59 secs ago

Hi Casey, if, for example, you have a biweekly payroll distribution to a loan, we would redistribute payroll so that two biweekly payments were "skipped." Instead of applying those payroll funds to the loan, the funds would go to the payroll remainder account which is usually the checking. If you have questions about your own account, please give us a call at 800-373-7600, and we would be happy to help you!


Skip a payment
 • 214 days 23 hrs 38 mins 38 secs ago
Will dupaco be doing the pay pause this year? What are the eligibility criteria?

Re: Skip a payment
Dupaco Moderator
 • 214 days 10 hrs 59 mins 50 secs ago

Hi Colleen, yes, Pay Pause is back this year. Members with eligible loans will see a pop up in Shine Online Banking beginning November 13 and receive a letter in the mail the same week. If you have any questions, feel free to call our loan department at 563-557-7600 / 800-373-7600, ext. 202.


External Transfers
 • 282 days 11 hrs 41 mins 33 secs ago
Hello, I am new to Dupaco and have read that you can transfer to/from external banks. However, I have yet to find a way to set this up. Is this something that is actually possible?

Re: External Transfers
Dupaco Moderator
 • 279 days 10 hrs 11 mins 40 secs ago

Hi Teresa, we will have someone reach out to you. Thanks!


Skip A Payment
Tara B.
 • 587 days 9 hrs 13 mins ago
Good Morning Dupaco - Is the CU doing Skip A Payment this year? I haven't seen anything pop up on Shine yet. Thanks

Re: Skip A Payment
Dupaco Moderator
 • 586 days 9 hrs 34 mins 23 secs ago

Hi Tara, yes, Dupaco is doing Skip a Pay again this year. It is now called Pay Pause, but is the same program. If you're eligible for Pay Pause, you will receive letter by mail, which mails Nov. 14, and you will see a banner ad as well as a pop-up announcement in Shine Online Banking.


Counter checks
 • 614 days 8 hrs 34 mins 27 secs ago
I have a savings account would I be able to get a counter check

Re: Counter checks
Dupaco Moderator
 • 612 days 10 hrs 49 mins 19 secs ago

Hello, yes, if you have a share account (savings), we can issue you a cashier's check. If the check is payable to yourself, there is no fee associated with it, but if it's payable to someone else, there will be a $3.00 fee.


want to close saving accout
Nipa L
 • 663 days 1 hr 20 mins 31 secs ago
my mom want to close saving account she only wants checking what should i do?

Re: want to close saving accout
Dupaco Moderator
 • 662 days 11 hrs 28 mins 50 secs ago

Hi Nipa, a savings account is your share of ownership account, so it is required for all of our other products, such as VISA, checking, etc.


Money Card
Gail H
 • 663 days 11 hrs 24 mins 19 secs ago
I just received my new Money Cards and activated them. Does my pin number automatically update also?

Re: Money Card
Dupaco Moderator
 • 663 days 7 hrs 40 mins 36 secs ago

Hi Gail, your PIN will arrive separately in the mail a few days after your MoneyCard.


ATM deposits
 • 780 days 12 hrs 43 secs ago
Can I deposit checks into an ATM that is not a Dupaco ATM? I live in a college town and don't have access to any Dupaco branches or ATMs in the area.

Re: ATM deposits
Dupaco Moderator
 • 779 days 12 hrs 13 mins 24 secs ago

Hi Megan, yes, you can make a deposit on a non-Dupaco ATM machine. Since you don't have a Dupaco branch nearby, some other alternatives to look into include shared branches, mobile deposit, and direct deposit for your payroll checks.


teller services
 • 924 days 17 hrs 46 mins 11 secs ago
I am so frustrated when I walk into a younger teller and they tell me right away that I should do everything online, or on the computer. I want to come in and do my banking in person. I do not trust the computer and do not want to deal with it. If they do not want to wait on me and help me with my banking they should not be a teller. I have about had it with their attitudes!

Re: teller services
Dupaco Moderator
 • 923 days 8 hrs 28 mins 35 secs ago

Hi Tina, You’re right, how to bank should be an individual choice and you shouldn’t feel pressured to use online tools. That’s why we offer a variety of ways to bank, including transacting in person. Our tellers are trained to suggest other means of account access to members as a courtesy (education and awareness of other Dupaco services), but these efforts should never make you question your choice to bank in person. For that we apologize!


Skip a Payment for Christmas
 • 951 days 9 hrs 54 mins 13 secs ago
Does Dupaco offer a skip a payment for loans around the holidays?

Re: Skip a Payment for Christmas
Dupaco Moderator
 • 951 days 7 hrs 13 mins 54 secs ago

Tara, Yes we do offer Skip a Payment on certain loans. To find out if you are eligible you may either log in to Shine Online Banking (you'll be presented an option to skip a payment if you are eligible) or call Dupaco. Thanks for your interest!


membership number
Mary L
 • 964 days 22 hrs 1 min 10 secs ago
How do I retrieve my membership number?

Re: membership number
Dupaco Moderator
 • 964 days 6 hrs 56 mins 30 secs ago

Hi Mary, you can find your member number at the top of your statements. This can also be done via Shine online banking. Once you log in, click on the Documents & Statements tab towards the top Dupaco banner, then click on any statement and download it. You can then find your member number at the top right corner of the downloaded statement. Hope this helps!


Mobile pay
 • 976 days 2 hrs 58 mins 38 secs ago
When is Dupaco going to start participating in mobile pay apps like Apple Pay, Android Pay, or Samsung Pay?

Re: Mobile pay
Dupaco Moderator
 • 975 days 6 hrs 1 min 3 secs ago

Hi Michael, Dupaco is already on Apple Pay. In fact, we were the 26th financial institution in the U.S. to offer it. As for Android Pay and Samsung Pay, we are currently in the process of getting them put in action. We are anticipating deployment of these two mobile payments options sometime in early 2016.


Dupaco sponsoring local sports on web
 • 980 days 22 hrs 37 mins 59 secs ago
Is Dupaco televising local sporting events over the web? What is the link? Thank you

Re: Dupaco sponsoring local sports on web
Dupaco Moderator
 • 979 days 10 hrs 33 mins 39 secs ago

Hi Mark, Dupaco is sponsoring live streaming with TH (Telegraph Herald) Media. The link is: http://www.thonline.com/live/


Loan application
 • 1255 days 21 hrs 55 mins 56 secs ago
I got a flyer in the mail with my statement that was offering 3.99% for 6 months and then 9.0 to 16.0 on the Dupaco Visa but when I go online to apply for that card it is 5.99% why is there a difference.

Re: Loan application
Dupaco Moderator
 • 1255 days 4 hrs 1 min 53 secs ago

The 3.90% interest rate is on balance transfers and cash advances. You will automatically receive that rate on any balance transfers you make between now and 2/28. The 5.99% is an introductory APR, for qualified members, for 182 days from the issuance of the card. When the discounted period expires, the APR on existing balances will increase to the new non-discount rate on the first day of the billing cycle. Hope this helps!


Ahmed Alasbali
 • 1259 days 21 hrs 39 mins 51 secs ago
Hi, I am out of states, can I use my debit card out of country or not? BTW I asked the banker when I opened my account and she told me yes. I just wanna make sure.

Dupaco Moderator
 • 1259 days 5 hrs 3 mins 29 secs ago

Hi Ahmed, Yes you can use your Dupaco debit card out of the country. Just make sure you let us know when you will be travelling.


ATM deposit
Patricia mehmen
 • 1312 days 9 hrs 29 mins 19 secs ago
Can I deposit a check in any ATM (like at kwik star) to go into my dupaco acct.?

Re: ATM deposit
Dupaco Moderator
 • 1312 days 9 hrs 1 min 7 secs ago

Hi Patricia, Yes you can.


skip a paymnet
crystal robbins
 • 1313 days 10 hrs 26 mins 13 secs ago
Hi, Is Dupaco going to offer the December "skip a payment" feature they have offered in the past?

Re: skip a paymnet
Dupaco Moderator
 • 1313 days 7 hrs 15 mins 7 secs ago

Hi Crystal, Members who qualified for Skip a Pay should have seen the option to register once they signed into their Shine Online Banking account. If you have qualified and do not use Shine, you should receive a letter in the mail later this week. Thanks!


 • 1342 days 23 hrs 34 mins 49 secs ago
I want to see my authorized purchases that haven't been posted yet.

Re: Holds
Dupaco Moderator
 • 1341 days 9 hrs 49 mins 42 secs ago

Hi Kaneisha, Are you looking at your account via the Dupaco app or on a desktop computer? You will only be able to see the outstanding charges on your debit card on a desktop computer. Let me know if you have any further questions. My email is lhemesath@dupaco.com


Patti Clancy
 • 1351 days 6 hrs 39 mins 41 secs ago
Why do I have to log in three or four times before it will connect to my account?

Re: online
Dupaco Moderator
 • 1350 days 6 hrs 1 min 42 secs ago

Hi Patti, I'm not sure what the issue could be so I'll get our IT department in touch with you shortly. Thanks!


Poor Customer Service
Kurt & Susan Bechthold
 • 1385 days 11 hrs 58 mins 32 secs ago
Your member to member transfer is not working. I sent a message on August 16 letting you know this and I have still not received a response. Why?

Re: Poor Customer Service
Dupaco Moderator
 • 1384 days 2 hrs 48 mins ago

Kurt and Susan, I'm sorry to hear no one has responded to you about this issue. I will have someone from our IT department get in touch with your as soon as possible. Thanks for understanding!


 • 1445 days 1 hr 33 mins 29 secs ago
wat is the routing number

Re: numbers
Dupaco Moderator
 • 1441 days 9 hrs 49 mins 8 secs ago

Daniel, Dupaco's routing number is 273974581.


 • 1459 days 22 hrs 27 mins 14 secs ago
Before Dupaco took over Iowa community credit union I was able to transfer money from the christmas club account into my savings or checking anytime I needed to but now thats not an option online why?

Re: transfers
Dupaco Moderator
 • 1459 days 3 hrs 11 mins 37 secs ago

Hi Laura, If you were to transfer money from your Holiday Club account to a different account, you would have to transfer all of the money in the account and which would then deactivate the account. This is because Dupaco offers a higher dividend at the end of the year for those who contribute to their Holiday Club accounts as an incentive to save. If you would still like to withdraw funds from your Holiday Club, call Dupaco at 800-373-7600 ext. 0, or stop in!


More branches needed in WI
 • 1466 days 21 hrs 12 mins 47 secs ago
We could use a Dupaco branch in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Or a shared branch closer than 20 miles away. Can you help?

Re: More branches needed in WI
Dupaco Moderator
 • 1461 days 9 hrs 19 mins 19 secs ago

Hi Sara! We will have a member service representative get in touch with you very soon. They will help you with whatever you need from miles away!


Debra S.
 • 1535 days 4 hrs 57 mins 32 secs ago
I was wondering if my checking is low on funds, will you automatically take money out of my savings account to cover my bills that will come out of checking? I always put more in savings than checking.

Dupaco Moderator
 • 1535 days 3 hrs 6 mins 6 secs ago

Deb, we can set up automatic transfers from savings to checking when your account falls below zero. Please contact us and we'll be happy to set this up on your account.


Car loan payoff
 • 1600 days 20 hrs 37 mins 3 secs ago
I recently made a payment on a car loan which paid the loan off early. Do I need to do something further to ensure auto withdrawl payments from my checking account will cease?

Re: Car loan payoff
Dupaco Moderator
 • 1537 days 9 hrs 36 mins 54 secs ago

Hi Andrea, Although automatic payments should come to a stop, it never hurts to call Dupaco to ensure your loan is paid in full. Feel free to call us at (563) 557-7600.


Mortgage question
 • 1614 days 20 hrs 33 mins 34 secs ago
Hi, we moved to Colorado last June and are renting. I see on your webpage Colorado listed as a choice for a loan. Is it possible to get a loan through you without actually being in Iowa? Your rates look better than I have found out here so far. We are currently banking out here and at Iowa Community Credit Union and saw you are joining them in the spring, so I just thought I would ask now before I started looking around out here for more lending options. Thanks.

Re: Mortgage question
Dupaco Moderator
 • 1537 days 9 hrs 31 mins 45 secs ago

Yes, we can finance a home in Colorado or any state in the continental U.S. except for Texas. A Dupaco lender will be able to take your mortgage application over the phone.


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