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Monday, March 24, 2014

Health insurance coverage enrollment period ends March 31

The Open Enrollment period to buy health insurance through the Marketplace ends on March 31.

After March 31, the next open enrollment period won't begin until November 15, 2014. To buy insurance through the Marketplace between these dates, you must have a qualifying life event such as a a job loss, new baby, etc.

Under the Affordable Care Act, everyone is required to have health insurance beginning in 2014.

Having the right health insurance can be the difference between financial well-being and financial disaster. That's why Dupaco has partnered with CoOportunity Health—to offer affordable new member-focused health-coverage options.

The partnership gives you access to CoOportunity Health experts who can help individuals and families navigate the Affordable Care Act and find a health insurance plan that makes sense for their health and budget. Businesses that need to explore coverage options can lean on Dupaco Insurance Services.

Even if you are already insured, it's worth finding out what CoOportunity Health offers, because the Affordable Care Act changes a lot about health insurance. Consumers can no longer be turned down for coverage because of a preexisting condition. And, many lower- and middle-income households may qualify for help to pay their premiums.

To learn more, call the CoOportunity Health toll-free hotline at 855-274-2383, or complete the online request for information and a CoOportunity Health expert will contact you within 24 hours.

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