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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Why support the credit union difference?

October 17 is International Credit Union Day.

It’s an opportunity to celebrate the credit union movement’s impact and achievements – in both the lives of credit union members and the communities in which they serve.

This year’s theme, “Credit Unions Unite for Good: A Better Way,” emphasizes the benefits of cooperation among credit unions worldwide. It also speaks to the powerful global network of 56,000 credit unions, which no other financial institution can claim.

In honor of this special day, here are four reasons to raise a glass to credit unions:

  1. You have a voice. When you join a credit union, you become a member. Members have the power to make decisions about the credit union and how it’s run by voting for board members who represent them.
  2. Members share in the success. When Dupaco Community Credit Union has surplus earnings, the credit union returns them to its owners through: lower loan rates; higher dividends; enhanced access, such as more branches, ATMs and electronic services; and new low- or no-fee programs and products.
  3. Members get access to unexpected savings. When Dupaco members take advantage of their member-owned insurance agency, Dupaco Insurance Services, they become part of a larger buying group. It allows them to take advantage of additional associational discounts, so they can receive quality insurance protection for much less.
  4. Communities benefit, too. Cooperatives are rooted in principles like community. So credit unions not only do good things for their members but also for the communities in which they serve. Dupaco gives to the greater community by partnering with and contributing to local businesses and charities.

By Emily Kittle

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