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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tips for teens trying to land a summer job

Has your teenager put off the summer-job search?

While teens typically have better luck finding summer employment two to three months in advance, there are still jobs to be had, says DeMaris McKee, program specialist at the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance.

"It might take a little more work to see who still has open positions, but it's definitely still possible," she says.

For teens still searching for summer employment, consider these tips:

  • High school students should meet with their guidance counselor, who often is in tune with the local job market and seasonal openings perfect for teenage employees. "They really are a great resource that's underutilized," McKee says.
  • High school is a great time to explore career paths. Take advantage of MyTernNow, a free local resource that helps high school and college students identify future career and internship opportunities. "They can try it now and see if it works," McKee says. "It also helps with college applications, because it's going to show that they're passionate about it."
  • After identifying potential career paths, inquire about open positions at companies in that field.
  • It's not too early to network. Teens should let friends, family and acquaintances know that they're looking for a job. They might know of an opening that hasn't been publicized.
  • If the teen can't find a position in their desired field, they might have to take what's available. But don't stop there: "They should look into volunteering somewhere that's in their field of interest to give them the experience that a job would give them and make it possible to find a job next summer," McKee says.

By Emily Kittle

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