Samsung Pay

What is Samsung Pay?
Samsung Pay is mobile payment vehicle that allows certain models of Samsung phones to make payments via their smartphones. Samsung Pay makes secure, tokenized transactions via Near Field Communication (NFC).

Which Samsung phones work?
As of March 2017, the following Samsung models are compatible with Samsung Pay:

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 active and S7 active
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and S7 edge
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+
  • Samsung Note5

If you have other models of Samsung phones, Samsung Pay will NOT work. 

Is Samsung Pay safe?
Samsung Pay incorporates a variety of security precautions including: fingerprint/biometric or PIN, as well as tokenized card and secure NFC and MST communication. Tokenization of a card means your smartphone will not send your actual card information but rather a virtual account number that “stands in” for your actual card number during purchases. Major retailers, phone providers and card brands support the safety and security of this product. 

Do Dupaco cards work with Samsung Pay?
Dupaco's VISA card is compatible with Samsung Pay. As of April 2017, Dupaco's debit EMV MoneyCard is compatible with Samsung Pay.

How do I load a card into my Samsung phone?
The first step is to install the Samsung Pay app from the phone’s app store. Compatible credit and/or debit cards can be easily loaded into the phone using the Samsung payment app. You can take a picture of your card or manually enter the information. Upon completion of the entry of card information you will you will either 1) receive immediate approval to use your device, or 2) you may be prompted to call an 800 number shown on the device for an added layer of security. Up to 10 payment cards can be loaded into the device. Ensure that your Dupaco Visa credit card or EMV MoneyCard debit card is the first choice.
(NOTE: Any time you do a hard reset to your Samsung Phone, the payment card will be removed and you will have to reload your card information.)

Where can I use Samsung Pay?
Dupaco members can use their Samsung Pay device at payment terminals that typically accept a magnetic swipe card. Samsung Pay uses a technology called magnetic secure transmission (MST) to send the tokenized card information to the payment terminal via the phone. Hold the approved Samsung smartphone device within an inch of the payment terminal.  Samsung Pay can also be used at terminals accepting Near Field Communication (NFC). These devices allow physical card tap and go payments, and Apple Pay. You will notice these terminals as they include a contactless symbol. 

Where won't I be able to use Samsung Pay?
Samsung Pay does not work at ATMs or any payment terminals where the card is “inserted” into the device. It may also not work at various types of proprietary payment systems where orders, inventory and payments are all in one internal service computer system. Samsung Pay with its ability to work at most traditional payment terminals AND any NFC enabled terminal has an advantage with the ability to make payments at more locations than other mobile wallet offerings at this time.

What if I lose my phone?
If you use your “Find My Mobile” service you can remotely lock or erase your payment card in Samsung Pay. Your payment information is not accessible without a fingerprint or Samsung Pay PIN. When you lock Samsung Pay using Find My Mobile all payments will be disabled on the device. If you find the phone, you can unlock your cards by authenticating your identity by scanning your fingerprint or entering your Samsung Pay PIN. You can also call Dupaco who can stop the tokenization of your Visa credit card or EMV MoneyCard debit card on the device.

What if I have questions?
Questions about loading a card into Samsung Pay may be directed to Dupaco’s card services department by calling 563-557-7600 / 800-373-7600, ext 201, or by email at

Dupaco can also address questions pertaining to lost/stolen cards or devices. Technical questions about the phone should be directed toward an Samsung smartphone dealer.  Samsung's website may also be able to answer any questions you may have.

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