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Raise Your Voice

Tell Iowa Representatives “Don’t tax my credit union”.  

The Iowa Senate on Wednesday, Feb. 28, passed a massive state tax overhaul which, if passed by the Iowa House, would raise taxes on credit unions, while slashing bank taxes by nearly $30 million.

The bill does the opposite of the stated goal: to keep more hard-earned money in the pockets of Iowa families.

A tax on credit unions is a tax on credit union members – like you. It may increase the cost of your financial services, and could impact member benefits like Thank Use, Bright Track credit scores, and other free and low-cost services.

Protect your financial well-being.

Iowa House Representatives are now considering two tax plans: the harmful Senate bill, and a tax plan proposed by the Governor, which does not include a tax increase on credit unions.

It’s not too late to make your voice heard. Send a message to your Iowa House Representative urging them to support the Governor’s plan, and ask them not to tax your credit union.

Take action

Regardless of the outcome of this tax debate, Dupaco will press on and remains committed to our mission of improving our members’ financial position, and empowering our 104,000 members to know better and do better. 

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