Thank Use: Participate. Cooperate. Accumulate.

Participate. Cooperate. Accumulate.

Thank Use
is just another advantage of Dupaco’s member-owned, cooperative structure. It pays you cash for your participation — and the more you use Dupaco, the more you’ll be thanked!  See your share. Log in to Shine Online Banking today!

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Daily Dupaco
  • Staying connected during times of disaster

    Hurricanes Harvey and Irma are powerful reminders of the devastation that disaster brings. Shared branching is one more resource available when disaster strikes.

  • Beware of post-Equifax breach scams

    With nearly 143 million Americans affected by last week’s Equifax cybersecurity breach, people are feeling more vulnerable than ever—and scammers are taking advantage. 

  • New: Faster transaction posting

    Transactions, including checks that you write, may post to your account faster. Click above to learn more.

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