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Ways to access your money

How to access your money during COVID-19

Updated Nov. 2, 2020, at 8:08 a.m. CT

Dupaco Community Credit Union reopened most of its branch lobbies June 2.

The Sycamore branch lobby in Dubuque, Iowa, temporarily closed to members and the public Saturday, Oct. 31, until further notice. The Sycamore drive-up lanes are open, but wait times might be long. The ATM lane and night drop remain available for use. Members are encouraged to use other branches, which are open for business as usual.

Learn more here.

You also can continue to access your credit union and money in other safe, secure ways during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to access your money

As always, Dupaco is committed to serving you.

If or when you experience financial difficulties, please let us know. We’re here and ready to discuss your situation and support you through difficult times.

It’s what we’ve always done. And it’s what we’ll continue to do—no matter what.

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