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Holiday Club savings total $4.93 million 

Dupaco members boosted their financial well-being by more than $7.5 million through the payouts of Dupaco's Holiday Club savings accounts and Thank Use.

Systematic saving will pay off for Dupaco members this holiday season.

Through the credit union’s popular Holiday Club savings account, a record-setting $4.93 million was saved throughout the year and was paid out Oct. 30, 2018, to 4,882 participating members.

The amount saved was the highest in the history of Dupaco’s Holiday Club, which was created in 1954— and more than $250,000 over the amount saved and paid out last year. The payout came within two weeks of Dupaco members also collecting more than $2.6 million in Thank Use, a campaign that rewarded members for using their credit union’s services to boost their financial well-being.

Holiday Club is traditionally opened in November, with automatic deposits made into the account weekly or biweekly throughout the year. At the end of October, all savings, plus accumulated dividends, are paid out automatically to participating members.

Through the credit union’s Holiday Club, participants learn the art of thrift and avoid a post-holiday debt burden, says Dupaco President and CEO Joe Hearn.

“The habit of systematically saving money is a core principle of Dupaco,” Hearn says. “Thrift by way of a Holiday Club account, which also earns daily dividends year-round, better prepares members when the holidays arrive.”

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